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Full Name: Chimera Mk.X (CP-8 3H545 prototype)

Pilot: Edward Allen

an airborne mech, the only one of it's kind, with high maneuverability and speed.

Rerun is the smallest, and probably weakest of the three, but it is also the most maneuverable. Flying, understandably, gives it a distinct advantage in combat, as it is the only flight-capable mech in the story. Weapon-wise it is sort of light and he has limited ammo to keep his frame light for flight.

Weapons and Abilities

"It's fast..."

Rerun is just that. Light, fast, airborne, and maneuverable. The design ethic here is that if the target moves swift enough, it can't be hit.

The flight engine is a strong jet engine adapted with the ability control the strength of the jet with great precision. It also uses wings on it's back to steer and brake itself.

A little light

Rerun's weapon capabilities consist of two shoulder-mounted machine guns, one sword, drawn from a compartment between the wings and the body, and a chest-mounted missile pod. The machine guns are easy to replace, and the sword has no ammo, but the Missile pods only have 2 or 3 good vollys before they run dry. Missiles are, however, somewhat uniform among WM, so it's not the end of the world.


Ammo is a given, though it can fall back on it's one melee weapon when push comes to shove. It's main weakness concerns it's durability. Since flight and speed was a main feature, they built it using light materials, and couldn't give it any armor coating. If it gets hit with one or two good shots, it's all over.