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SHOOP DA WHOOP is a bizarre picture of Cell, a villain from Dragonball Z, which began to sweep /b/ during July 2006.

Cell's face is blacked out, googly eyes and big red lips are MS Painted in (turning him into NIGRA CELL). His wide open mouth, from the original image, is left in. One of three captions are also added to the image: "SHOOP DA WHOOP", "IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER" or "IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZER". The last caption specifically goes together with an additional edit of an energy beam being fired from Cell's mouth. Another edit is "OPS I SWALLOWED MAH LAZER" (misspelling intentional), where the face is placed on an image of Cell ballooning outwards as he is about to explode.

Other characters are now being given the blackface treatment and have shouted that they are chargin' their lazers.

Images altered in this manner are said to be "shooped". The term has since been corrupted to refer to all image edits done in any program, regardless of what the edit is for or about.

In /b/tard-led MySpace invasions, it is standard procedure to take the picture of the target's owner, and 'shoop' it.


Due to the popularity of the SHOOP DA WHOOP meme, some people started calling shops shoops. It was an ugly trend that, thankfully, died -- along with the horrible meme that started it.