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When was this project started?
9 August 2007, 05:44 Central Time
What is "ENIS"?
ENIS is the product of an epic thread where /m/orons built a mech, one shape at a time. It came out so well that similar threads started to arise, and eventually ENIS was given his own backstory and universe, which /m/ is compiling at Project E.N.I.S..
What is "SRW/m/"?
SRW/m/ was inspired by projectenis and is a collection of /m/ original series and universes that will be put together into one basic storyline to follow the traditional SRW series.
Why "SRW/m/"?
We thought that some parts of projectenis were getting out of hand and SRW/m/ is the place to fix those parts. It was after we took a big step back that we noticed some of us were getting too much into the projectenis universe, and saw that ENIS was supposed to be one of the major original /m/ series.
How can I help?
Find an ENIS or SRW/m/ thread on 4chan's /m/, read the thread, and start throwing out your ideas for story concepts or mech designs. Most suggestions will be passed and taken into deep consideration, unless it goes beyond the boundaries of stupid.
You can also give out some suggestions by posting on the SRW/m/'s SRW/m/ Open Discussion
Is this a game? A Fan-anime? A manga project?
After discussion between the creators, we decided that for now there will be no news of any major development in the future.
Concerning Real Types
Real Types are fine here as this is not Project E.N.I.S., which is more based on Super Robots.
Why don't these stories match up?
Because this is SRW/m/. We intend for others to create their own universes until we find that we have enough series/universes to create a MAIN universal SRW/m/ storyline.