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Hey /m/echanic! Have any artwork you wish to contribute to SRW/m/? Post them here for the review of your peers!

1. Click "edit" up at the top there.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the window, and type four dashes (-) to create a new line.

3. Click "upload image" in the toolbox at the lower left and give your image a unique name.

4. Post Image using the 'embedded image' button, replacing 'example.jpg' with the name of your image file.

5. Type a short description and if you want to add it to an existing series, new series, or whatever.

6. ????


Please don't delete these instructions or anyone else's suggestions! You may add comments under anybody's suggestions, but don't edit them! Have fun!

An attempt at drawing a sort of insect-like mecha. I haven't really thought deeply about it's attacks. Diord.jpg

And have some unfinished colored version + a pilot!
Ok here's what What litte story I have. The pilot sold his soul (to the robot devil) for rock & roll now he's a minion of the robot devil doing evil and such. As for the guitar it works by manipulating the elemental strings of the universe and whatnot. The guitar can also be used as an axe also there is a beam cannon of sorts in the mechs chest.The cockpit is above the chest skull.

click for full

"G.T.F.O."- Great Thingy, Fighting Offender

It are win, it can fly : there are jets behind the chainsaws. It's theme is circles and cylinders, for no reason. Have fun. I suck at drawing. I'm hoping for a better artist to re-draw it. Change what you want.

Attacks: Blade fist- punches with the spinning saw OMG FRISBEE- throws saw Chest blaster- fires it's lazerz from those two things on it's chest Power Beam- same as above, but the energy from both pebs are absorbed into the jewel in the chest, and fire, XBOX HUEG LAZOURZ style Crotch-rocket- Fire's missile from penis area Bombardment- Fires 3 missiles from each leg <shitty name>- shoots from the shoulder guns and the wing guns. Big bullets. Airstrike- can only be used when flying: fires rockets from wings Spinning takedown- flares out chainsaws and spins, tackling the opponent. -GoldionDood


click for full


This was one of two Real mechas that was created in /M/ on 9/3/07. This was am attempt to create a real type mecha to counter the super type mecha of the ENIS. It exist in the Steel Lance universe .-Giovanni Sinclair



This is one of the brother robots that /m/ created on 9-17-07

Here is the full version


Here is the "brother" robot


  • The original thread about the brother robots died before i could post this:

Chevron-Brother1.jpg CB1LA.jpg