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Note: The discussions below this line are over two years old.

Topics are in bold, discuss under them. Please separate topics with lines.

SRW/m/ Official Cover

  • Now I want to let you know about our cover image, currently we'll be using the launch banner but when we have atleast 10 series, we will take one main mecha from each series and put them together on a game cover similar to the SRW games. What do you guys think?

  • I think it's a good idea. How are we going to decide who gets on the cover though?
  • Probably by who actually has pictures of mechs up to show.
  • The five editors will hold a discussion and vote, but we'll try to even out the number of reals and supers based on what we have, also just because i said 10 doesn't mean we aren't adding more.
  • To be fair, I think all the main robots from the series should be present. That way nobody feels left out.
  • That sounds like a REALLY good idea as long as the number of universes we have isn't TOO big... IMO at least.
  • Will the mechas be SD or full sized?
  • SD
  • Whos going to do the SDs?
  • I will do the SDs, basically I will talk with the creators of their respective titles, and whosever mech gets on the cover, do an SD rough draft, vector it, and run it through them to see if they like it. Since I cant color worth crap, I'll take the vector'd copy, hand it to a color/shading professional and voila'! we have our SD SRW/m/ cover.
  • How do you plan to contact the creators?
  • Here, IRC, /m/ :P im not the type to pry out peoples emails but if you'd like.
  • Would AIM or some sort work?
  • I would be willing to get in contact via email... but don't want to share mine publicly, if I see yours I'll send you one.
  • I'm willing to speak via MSN Messenger. Couch 08:48, 1 July 2009 (UTC)
The discussion on this page is two years old, I should have mentioned that at the top of the page. You need to find new people who will be interested in the project if you want it to start up again. Kyrio 11:07, 1 July 2009 (UTC)

War Machine Chimera

  • Hello. If anyone is willing to attempt to whip up some designs for the "War Machine Chimera universe, I would really appreciate it. If you ask specifics here or just post on the WMC's page Discussion page, I would appreciate it. Basically, think gritty, think grim, think "war is hell."
  • Slight update: Here is some info on each of the mechs of WMC.

General: Lasers and beam weapons are off-limits except to the Chimera units, and even then it's within reason. Bullets and missiles are the weapons of the day.

O.A.F. Unit and A.X.E Unit: Grunt mechs, but decidedly not made of cardboard compared to some other grunt mechs. Basically the same, except the A.X.E should have the JEK symbol and a deep red color scheme, while the O.A.F. should have the Tyrannis symbol and a Green or blue color scheme. Another thing to look into would be non-lethal weapons, especially in the A.X.E units. Their mission is, after all, to capture the Chimeras, not destroy them.

Lucy Linus and Rerun:

Lucy is a bulky mech. don't fall into the trap of turning her into a vagina-bot just because the pilot is a woman. Her main weapons are a selection of melee weapons, feel free to include some beam-based weapons, but within reason.

Linus is all about the guns. His color scheme should involve camoflage. A large sniper rifle lives on Linus's back. He also needs a Gundam Sandrock-esc cloak. Extra points if you call it the "Security blanket" and have it be an advanced, super-strong Chamoflage polymer.

Rerun is the smallest, and probably weakest of the three, but it is also the most maneuverable. It's flight system shouldn't be too far off from reality. This give it a distinct advantage in combat, as it is the only flight-capable mech in the story. Weapon-wise it is sort of light, although it has a very strong missile strike attack, he has limited ammo to keep his frame light for flight. His main weapons would be mid-to-weak body-mounted machine guns, and one melee weapon.

Kaiser and Chimera Mk.I:

these two need to be beasts and you should be able to tell just from looking at them.

  • If you decide to take me up on this, thank you very much. ~ Dotdotdot!

Predamax Design Help!

  • I need to find whoever did that new version of Predamax on /m/ at 4chan so we can discuss tweaking the design and if possible, doing the designs for Super Predamax and Giga Predamax! Much Thanks!
  • Drawfag who did Predamax here. You can always find me on /m/ as Anonymous, lol. Though since I don't always go to /m/ that much anymore you can e-mail me at Remember to title your mail properly or I might deem it as spam and delete it.
  • Much thanks! Emailed you look for Predamax Creator in subject headline.

Strike! Raijin! Design

  • I have a rough design of Raijin on his page. If anyone would like to help in fleshing out the details or drawing it, it would be appreciated.

Fury Unending

  • I have a minor problem. I can write about things for days on end but can not draw at all. If anybody feels up to drawing stuff from my universe just let me know. Anybody can draw as many AIs and QOBs as they want, but if anyone wants to draw the Final Fury they'll have to let me know so I can describe it to them in detail.
Note: The discussions above this line are over two years old.