Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

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Translated as "So Long Mr. Despair". The series is about Nozomu Itoshiki, a super negative teacher, who tries to commit suicide by hanging himself on a tree only to be saved by Kafuka Fuura, a super positive high school student of his. The series caught on with /a/ for it's bizarre social commentary, soundtrack, a vast variety of characters, the "lulzy censorship" and unlike Lucky Star, the cross references are not thrown around left and right (instead, a majority of them are written on the classroom's blackboard which can be skipped, thus why /a/ finds them more tolerable.) The series is known to have slow fansub releases causing /a/ssholes to fall in despair.


Refers to the opening songs "Hito ga Jiku Bureteiru" and "Kuusou Rumba" sang by Kenji Ootsuki. When a Zetsubou topic is created, it usually turns into an argument about which opening is superior as /a/ssholes agree that the music in the series is superb. 'Gouin ni Mai Yeah' and "Go! Go! Lily Cure!' are also opening songs but don't count because they are not in the same style as the previously mentioned songs. 'Bure' and 'Rumba' are also words that are repeated over and over. The ending themes 'Zessei Bijin' and 'Omamori' have a certain style that pits them against each other (not as often as Bure or Rumba). Overall, it is nearly impossible for /a/ to decide which ONE vocal song they like in the series.

Make yourself taller

Suicide by hanging. Taken from the first episode, the opaquely optimistic Kafuka Fuura, refusing to believe that her teacher would try to kill himself on such a beautiful spring day, puts a positive spin on his attempt to go An Hero by claiming he's trying to make himself taller. Along with Bible Black and Tief Blau, sometimes used as a substitute for other memes, in this case "kill yourself" or "become An Hero". See also: Summon your Persona.

Nicknames (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)

Because of a vast variety of characters, nicknames were given to each describing their odd quirks. Note that not all nicknames are universally agreed.
Abiru Kobushi as she is always covered in bandages and is allegedly a victim of domestic abuse.
For Meru Otonashi who does not talk at all and only communicates through the email function in her cellphone. However, she is verbally abusive in all her messages much like the common behavior in Anonymous.
Mayo Mitama, considered the malicious one of the group.
For Kiri Komori because she is a social recluse.
Kafuka Fuura. She comes up with the bizarre positive explanations for every negative situation such as death. Recent episodes paint her as a psychopath hiding behind the optimistic mask but nothing has been proven yet. Take note that her pen name (her real name has yet to be revealed) spells Franz Kafka in Japanese.
Nickname for Kitsu Chiri who demands that everything must be equal and done properly at all times. She is known to have a split in her hairstyle which /a/ humorously states that it makes her immune to UNITTINU.
Kaere Kimura because she is known to have split personalities.
Harumi Fujiyoshi, because she is a major yaoi fan.
Matoi Tsunetsuki, she constantly follows Nozomu everywhere even at inconvenient locations like restrooms.
Manami Okusa, because she acts like a housewife despite still being in high school.

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