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A recent popular h-game and subsequent anime adaptation. School Days (the game) is unique in how, instead of the traditional text-on-screen visual novel style, features animated scenes separated by choices (though the animation quality usually leaves something to be desired). It became infamous among Japanese fans for possessing quality porn, slutty female characters, an impossibly pathetic male lead (even among h-game standards), and three shockingly bloody Bad Ends.

Despite the board at the time being mostly flooded by Gurren-Lagann and Lucky Star, the anime adaptation of School Days managed to garner some attention on /a/, as the animation studio seemingly went all out for shock value to generate some popularity. Because of this, the anime features a ridiculously high amount of sex (though nothing on screen that would please /a/nonymous, of course) and an even bloodier Bad End than any of the slaughters depicted in the game. This has given /a/ mixed feelings about the show, as the main bulk of it is considered horrible melodrama on an almost soap-opera level, while the ending caused some of the most murderous lulz /a/ has experienced in quite some time.

Makoto Ito

The main male character of the recent h-game and anime School Days, and one of the more divisive figures on /a/. Spent most of his time in the anime hooking up with a number of girls from his class before being brutally murdered in the finale. Makoto is loathed by a majority of /a/ssholes for mistreating the women in his show and for being an all-around dick, and there was considerable rejoicing on /a/ following his demise. Simply put, every School Days thread is a "Hate Makoto" thread (as well as a Nice Boat thread). Despite this, Makoto has a small following on /a/ (Who get brushed off as trolls by most nearly all denizens of /a/), with his fans crediting him for being one of the few men in anime to actually get laid, subsequently calling him manly and GAR (usually dubbing him MANkoto).

This following has taken up the extremely annoying practice of photoshopping Makoto's head (badly) onto other male leads when surrounded by their harem, images of manly/godly men or other such images that would imply great manliness if only Makoto hadn't fucked it up (sort of like an offshoot of the Pimp meme, except on a wider and far more obnoxious scale). In return, haters have created both shops of Makoto's face during his brutal murder or fanfictions of Makoto trying to get with girls in other (less slutty) anime with hillarious results. Overall, Makoto threads will more often than not create shitstorms of a magnitude that is rarely seen on /a/ (almost hitting or even surpassing Lucky Star levels) between haters, fans, and, of course, trolls, and as such are the source of much DRAMA and lulz.

While Makoto was nominated by his followers to be in SaiGAR 08, his round proved how his fangroup is basically made up of nothing more than a few devoted trolls, as he lost by 200 votes, despite being up against an anti-GAR figure in L from Death Note and a random Gundam pilot. All said, between the faggotry roused by his fanbase and the impossibly annoying Makoto shoops, Makoto has more or less cemented his role as the most aggravating forced meme on /a/ since viral marketing and Set fail for One Piece.

Nice Boat

The thread that started it all.
Enjoy your NICE BOAT ending, featuring the passenger ferry M/S Skagastøl

On the day that the anime School Days episode 12 was supposed to be aired, there was major headline news in Japan about a girl who killed her father with an axe[1]. This stupid Eleven action forced the TV networks to not broadcast the final episode (correctly anticipated to be a violent BAD END, a pleasant change of pace for this type of show) and instead aired random European scenery for 28 minutes.

While this debacle was still airing, images of the scenery were posted by a Japanese person with a TV card. An Anon posted these on /a/ with little comment, but commenting "nice boat" on the image of a boat on a Norwegian fjord. A kind anon linked to the /a/ thread on 2ch, and the 2ch thread was linked from /a/ as well. 2ch and /a/ posters invaded each other with "nice boat" comments and an Eleven eventually made a title screen consisting of the said picture with a shoop of the usual title screen, but replacing "School Days" with "Nice Boat" (see image). That said reaction caused many lulz on 4chan, and another Anon came along and made a thread about the said shoop.

a very maritime experience

At this time, the boards froze. Since no one could post, threads remained frozen for at least three hours and were visible to all who visited, with the "Nice Boat" shoop as the top thread of /a/ for the whole time. Once the boards reopened, every new thread turned into both a "Hate Makoto" and "Nice Boat" thread. These events, combined with "International Talk Like a Pirate Day", turned /a/ into a very maritime experience.

In the mean time, Elevens had posted the whole "episode" on Moontube (Japanese video site Nicovideo), which allows users to overlay scrolling comments on the video. The first 5 minutes are taken by much laughs and anger, but once the ferry appears, it unleashes a torrent of "nice boat" comments. This repeated when the same video was posted on youtube, except in normal comments, not overlays.[2]. Parody videos were also made[3][4]. The "nice boat" phrase made its way into other School Days related videos[5], and even into other anime shows[6]. Fan art (including images, sculptures and paper ferries) were made, and cosplayers have been spotted dressed as the nice boat. There have also been rumors of a nice boat cruise for Anonymous, but as we know real-life Anonymous meet-ups/raids fail unless they either take place at conventions where Anonymous is already gathered, are done by Finnish people, or are against Scientology.

Katsura family sailboat.

Curiously, when the final episode of School Days aired, there actually was a boat featured prominently in its closing scene. It is unknown whether the animators put it in at the last minute or if it was all JUST AS PLANNED.


Higurashi no Naku Koro ni was similarly dropped from some channels, in one case being replaced with another set of cleaver-weaving maniacs on Iron Chef. However, while School Days' broadcast was merely delayed, Higurashi was canceled, causing a bout of melancholy among many /a/ssholes.

Some of Nicovideo's "video deleted" messages feature a nice boat

Moontube has since created some of their "video deleted" messages as references to nice boat, with a ferry and the same music. For example, the messages that are played when the video has been deleted by the uploader or deleted for terms of service violation; the copyright violation message is still just shows a scrolling text as of early 2008.


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