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Disclaimer about this Article

Most if not all of this article was most likely written by Shiago himself. Please do all you can to vandalize it and portray him as a failure of a troll. He is immensely looked down upon in the /i/ community for his poor tactics and superiority complex.


Shiahgo is a faggot, horribly unskilled troll, and disgusting camwhore. A known /b/tard, and a moron. Shiahgo has lead four raids to date, and has been involved in many many more, degrading their quality proportionally. Shiahgo is also an Ex Deviant Art moderator, and has disappeared, but has been reappearing in more raids to corrupt and mislead them.

The Beginning

Shiahgo orginated from FBI-Chan, and talked with her, after trying to troll Sorrow Demonica who was a "Girl." who tried to troll /i/. Shiahgo ended up getting in contact with FBI-chan, and learned more about /b/ then he had known previously, and became a regular on it. Soon after Shiahgo began to get involved in raids.

Shiahgo leads Myspace

Although Shiahgo never actually posted the emails, and logins, he made a few of them. One was the KT_Loves_Kay MySpace. A very heavy win for /i/, /b/, and 7chan. Shiahgo hacked into her Myspace, and then learned that she canceled the email. Inturn he decided to create the email, and 'Own' the account. Everything got worse when Shiahgo posted Guro, Futanari, and general Hentai on her Myspace, along with defacing pictures, and insulting her friends. It came to the point where people began to IM him begging for the account back. /i/ went wild with the lulz, and the attack furthered when he got in contact with a friend of Katies named "Maxter." Shiahgo convinced Maxter to surrender her phone number, and in return Shiahgo would give the account back. Maxter was a tool, and gave it to Shiahgo, and then got his ass kicked when Shiahgo laughed at him, posted his number on /i/, and forced Katie to change her number. This one is Shiahgo's most legendary raid.

Pearl Habbo

Although not a large raid, the mods had no control of the Japanese Habbo server when 7chan struck. Shiahgo lead the raid. He orginally posted the first few posts about it in early November, and attacked for more then 6 hours. Although the raid wasn't that big, it proved nicely that nothing could stop wild Nigras, as the mods gave up, went to bed, and didn't give a shit.

Stickam Raids.

Shiahgo, decided to also raid Stickam in mid december, with assistance from SS Chan, and /i/, Shiahgo would go on camera, and create E-drama. He would put ketch up on his wrist, and claim he was cuttting himself. This was indeed the most lulzy thing done on stickam at the time. The raids ended when Humane Weapons/Leader of Fate/Paranoia Chan attacked /i/, and /b/.

Shiahgo VS DeviantArt

Shiahgo decided to start doing small DeviantArt raids, and posting his smart and intelligent political opinions. A lot of his older stories and artwork were faggy, however his scribbles of An heroes, and papers insulting Weeaboos, horrible artists, and people who have bad taste in artwork was posted next. After posting Mitchell Artwork, and posting Mitchell's address, he decided to allow them to make prints and send them to his house. Instantly Lolly, and Chix0r fought back.

From Lolly.

I understand you are affiliated with 7chan and also have been part of a movement to create prints based off someone who has killed themselves and then encouraging people to purchase then send them to his parents.

First off, I cannot stress enough how extremely disgusting and distasteful this is. Secondly, if this continues to be attempted here on deviantART by yourself and any of your associates, we WILL take legal action against you. This is no idle threat and we have pursued it in the past resulting in, quite literally the FBI showing up at peoples doors and taking them into custody. This is no laughing matter and I cannot stress enough how seriously you will all be dealt with should this continue.

So spread the word to all your cohorts, and if you think I am joking test me.

Chix0rs message

Dear Shiahgo.

If you surrender 7chan users accounts, and plans, then we will not ban you, and clean your record. If you do not agree with this, then I will ban your account, and take action against your friends.

Shiahgo instantly went to /i/, and explained to them what was happening. The most epic raid against deviantArt was planned on December 20th at 7:30. However two days before the Raid, the state police came, and took Shiahgo from his house. Questioning followed, and Shiahgo didn't say a lot about what happened. This instantly brought Bantown, and Something Awful's attention. On December 20th, there was a small raid, but it caused mass confusion with the mods. Multiple forum raids, and random Deviant raids ensued.

Shiahgo and Renz0 VS Ian.

In late December, before Christmas. Renz0 and Shiahgo teamed up, under the impression that Renz0 had ownership of 7chan, and would get it back when Ian failed to pay the bills. Shiahgo struck 7chan, and caused a massive amount of lulz, with Renzo saying sorry to Ian, Shiahgo looked like a dumb animal, and fled to 12chan.

Fall from grace.

In the end Shiahgo lost his popularity, and lost his army. He didn't become an hero, but it would've been lulzy if he did. He and Ian are on speaking terms, and Shiahgo has popular relations with numerous camwhores, and /b/tards. Most notably FBI-Chan who he claims to be his favorite /b/tard. Now he just camwhores, and posts raids. He has yet to become a full member of Anonymous

Hal Turner and Shiahgo

Shiahgo decided that it was time to pull another stunt, and joined Hal Turner. However, Shiahgo did this for two reasons, one to learn more of Hal's bullshit intentions, and two to finalize his plans. Shiahgo exploited Hal Turner, but at the cost of his friendship with 7chan admins, and mods. Shiahgo claimed to be a 7chan mod, and insulted Hal on the air, and laughed at him. Causing him to further more claim to be an Ebaumsworld forum admin, Ian flipped out, and bitched at Shiahgo. Numerous 4chan members have been in contact with Shiahgo, and kept a close tab on him.


After the Hal Turner incident, Shiahgo decided to leave 7chan, and hang out at 4chan. Numerous /b/tards have been seeking him out from 12chan for unknown reasons. Shiahgo has been spotted trolling Gaia, but this has yet to be confirmed. Shiahgo left a liar, and rumors have circulated that he is has been trolling in the shadows, regardless Shiahgo is Shiahgo, and has gone under the alias of 'Shia-Kun.'


Shiahgo as of November'07 as been sighted on numerous forums searching for Alex Wuori. Reasons for this are unknown but it is believed Alex and him used to be friends, and are now feuding becaue of how Shiahgo fucked Alex over. Shiahgo is also a user of 711chan, and has been sighted on numerous sites that are open for raiding.


Post on 12chan.

While most of you know me, some of you don't. I have gone by many names on the chans, and I have blended in with Anonymous since May. But I suppose I'm going to break the ice and come back. My name is Shiahgo, I am also known as Humane Weapons, Leader of Fate, and Paranoiachan. I have reconnected the dots, and I have created a group of exiles during ian of 7chan's reign. I will no longer sign up on my "Shiahgo" AIM account, or post as Shiahgo on the Chans. But I am alive, and rumors circulating my death are false. I have one goal, and that's to locate Alex Wuori. Good luck finding me.