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Shima Industries is the brain child of Kochi Shima and Mai Yamazaki. It's original purpose was to find and create new enery sources for the people of Terra II. To this end, Shima Industries created the Jimenjin, a mech capable of drilling into the planet to search for natural resources. The fuel cell, L.A.B, was created to power this giant machine. 3 more Elemental Machines would be created, each made to find energy resources in their respective enviroments.

Current Events

After the attempt on Kochi's life that cost him his children and his two best lab assitants, Kochi and his wife perform a radical medical procedure, transfering their minds to humanoid cyborgs. This puts their memories in a dormant state. Thinking that the procedure didn't work, Kochi and Mai still keep them around in the creation of Raijin. One day however, Tetsu's memory returned. Thinking that Kochi kept his memories dormant on purpose, Tetsu and Laika steal the Hijin and Oyujin and nearly destroy the Kazejin. After they escape, The Terran Defense Force puts Shima Industries under their control until the end of the conflicts with the Fire Legion and Yoma.