Shota Kiriyama

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  • Name: Shota Kiriyama
  • Age:15-17
  • Gender: Male


Shota Kiriyama is a stubborn and hot-blooded character. He naturally acts with courage which also leads to his downfall at times due lack of caution. Throughout the series, Xyphr and Shota are the couple that rarely gets along. Xyphr constantly reminds him to be cautious in battle but eventually both agree to just kick the monster's asses. Over time, they will learn to think and act as one following up for a final form against the Creator.

During the Comet fall of March 16, 2112A.D., Shota is on a vacation on one of the islands of Japan. When the comet hits near his island, the people are shocked and soon after the appearance of the monster they begin to run. Shota investigates the Comet Egg and 'awakens' Xyphr, thus becoming it's pilot.