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An advanced XM of the Czar class, one of the two evolutionary paths of the Peska where the pupa grows with the alien to form a shape akin to a crocodile, with four stubby legs ending in organic treads. Slons are often paired with groups of Peskas to serve as assault units, and typically act as anti-fortress weapons.

One Slon of note was piloted by Kareita Afrit, in situations where her Kon was not useful for the mission at hand. Like all XMs of its class, it was destroyed near the climax of the war.

General Specifications

  • Long-range artillery unit.
  • While the alien is effectively immortal and generates all power for its weaponry itself, the armor controlling it is powered by fuel cells which provide it with an operating time of six hours - after this, the armor is designed to automatically lock down to prevent the alien from going berserk.
  • Measures 16 meters long, 10 wide, and 6 high.
  • One pilot seated in cockpit in back of the head, wired into the spine.


  • One back-mounted "mega launcher" high-energy cannon - a devastating artillery weapon, this cannon fires an enormous beam of destructive blood-red energy, often wiping out all it strikes. The cannon's charge time, however, is significant, so a Slon usually requires protection from Peskas while firing.


  • High-density organic compound providing strong protection against most forms of attack. External armor is 2-inch Titanitefloalloy, though designed primarily as a restraining device rather than for protection.

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