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Squirt first posted to chanchan some time around August 2006. After about a year, in August 2007, she disappeared never to be heard from again.


  • Alias: Squirt
  • Name: Corey
  • DOB: 1988
  • Location: North Carolina
  • Race: White/Cherokee
  • Job: Works at a Best Buy near you lolz!


Squirt is a Crazy Bitch. Seriously you don't want to fuck with her. Like this one time this substitute teacher got all like up in her grill, and Squirt like totally told her that bitches that talk like that get hit in the face. Dude she'll totally own you ass at FPS's too. She never liked E.T., but she beat a pit bull to death with a rock once. It attacked her when she was on a walk and wouldn't stop. She's also short (hence the name Squirt) and can cook Cajun Grouper quite well.

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