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  • Pilot: Revived Itachi
  • Background: This Yoma mech takes it's name from a god of death in their religion. It was assigned to the Revived Itachi and he would use it to lethal effect in his quest to kill Gou Shima. It has poison based attacks and is good in long and close range combat. It is also capable of flight. Like all the other Yoma mechs, it is powered by what seems to be a ancient L.A.B fuel cell.
  • Description: This mech looks like a giant humaniod tiger moth. It has retractable blades in it's forearms and feet. It's wings are razor sharp and are capable of slicing through a Areios in two. It's insect eyes are capable of firing lasers. It's mouth has mandibles capable of ripping armor to bits.
  • Attacks

Compound Laser- Lasers are fired from the mech's eyes.

Grand Moth Claw- The mech slashes with it's forearm claws.

Grand Moth Wing- Supay flies past the enemy several times, slicing it several times with it's wings.

Death Dust- Supay blows toxic winds laced with poison dust. It is corrosive enough to eat away through mechs.

Death Offering- Supay speeds toward the target and impales it with arm. He slashes it a few times with his free hand and then bites into the target again and again until it is destroyed.