Super UltraScreech Frobo GO!

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  • ULTRA Initiative
  • United Nations
  • Metahumans
  • The Agency
  • The Robattler Fource 4

Mechs (Artwork pending, feel free to submit designs for I suck at drawing):

Pilots: ULTRA initiative:




Robattler fource four:



Year 2020: Rek Crimson, an eccentric 21-year old man newly on his own. Is shocked to come to to find half his apartment complex destroyed by a 90 foot tall, metallic cylinder. As government forces surround it, trying to move it away, Rek brashly runs towards it, as if being called by something. The cylinder bursts open and the Super Robot UltraScreech Emerges and takes Rek into his hands.

Soon after, the United nations creates the ULTRA initiative to take advantage of the sheer power of the UltraScreech. But Rek and the members of the initiative back out when the UN tries to deploy them to the Sudan to fight in a selfish war, claiming that they are "Soliders under UN control". They back out, taking the UltraScreech and the ULTRA initiative with them. Making them Wanted men and women.

One day, a large creature decended upon Cleveland City, Rek Crimson's hometown. The creature rushed toward the center of the city, Ripping through anything in its path as if to find something. Out of nowhere, the SUPER ROBATTLER FOURCE FOUR rockets into action, they combine and create the Robattler 4, The most annoying super robot ever to be formed. Rek and the UltraScreech show up at nearly the same time, and a rivalry brews between Rek and Jonas Titan, leader of the Robattler Fource 4 as they try to stop the monster.

Soon after, the Metahumans come to earth, bringing with them Rahnill, the being who created the universe. Their mission is to safeguard Rahnill as it tries to fix the errors humans have made in thier creation, errors such as disease, pollution, and corruption. To do that he must open the portal to the Earthsphere, a "Control center" of the earth. However, Dolga, an anti-god unearthed by the Agency, was born to counter Rahnill's efforts. Dolga was meant to turn the world into a massive desert through means of the Earthsphere. However, both Rahnill and Dolga have been in a state of sleep for billions of years, and are just now starting to stir.

Rek learns from the Metahumans that he is part Metahuman himself, which is why they sent the UltraScreech to him, and why it looks almost identical to him. They tell him that he was meant to protect the portal to the earthsphere, which is in Cleveland city. They also tell him of their quest to find a full metahuman on earth who could pilot Rahnill after its awoken.

Soon after he learns this however, a new foe emerges, the United Nations and their new Super Robot, the Constillation II. This robot is meant to destroy the UltraScreech and kill or capture Rek Crimson and overall topple the ULTRA Initiative. They choose an experienced, hot blooded fighter pilot, Cpt.Marshall Haywood, for the task of piloting the unweildly machine. However, its efforts against the UltraScreechs are heavily in vain, as the alien power of the UltraScreech overpowers the Constillation II's human-made ablities.

Soon the Metahumans have their man, 14 year old Renji Hayami, who is thrust into the cockpit of the Rahnill, causing it to stir lightly from its sleep. They train him for they day it fully awakens. In the mean time. The Agency has the anti-god, Dolga, and constantly sends large mecha to attempt to find the portal to the earthsphere. The Agency leader, Drauken, constantly kidnaps people in an attempt to find the Dolga pilot. Soon he unearths anchient tomes pertaining to Dolga and Rahnill, as it turns out, Dolga has no assigned pilot. Anyone can use it. But in the process, Dolga slowly sucks out their soul in order to power it.

So Drauken himself wakes up Dolga and pilots it towards Cleveland city, there the UltraScreech waits. Although knowing he cannot win, he charges on anyway towards the Devil and is easily defeated. Dolga pelts Rek with energy. As he slips slowly into death, the UltraScreech shines with light, heals its wounds, and is reborn as UltraScreech Final, a demi-god. Rek Manages to hold off the Dolga for about an hour and a half, until he is too exhausted. Dolga changes up for the killing blow, when suddenly the Robattler 4 powers to full and slams into dolga, knocking the blast away. Dolga's pissed and kills the entire Robattler team. He then focuses another deadly beam towards the UltraScreech, With the last of his energy, Jonas Titan, leader of the Robattler Team, jumps in front of the beam and destroys the entire Robattler.

Soon yet another attacks Dolga, the Constillation II and the UN forces. Dolga rips through the ground forces like paper and simply crushes the cockpit of the Constillation, killing Cpt. Haywood.

During this period of time, Renji Hayami desperatly tries to awaken his mecha. When he learns that his friends have died, he gets pissed and Rahnill awakens.