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I love the smell of raiding in the morning

In the early morning of August 23, after a failed attempt by /b/tards to raid the myg0t forums, some anonymous decided that 4chan's next raids needed to focus on raiding places that posed a threat to /b/. After reviewing some sites and communities, it was decided that the furry community needed to be attacked to rid /b/ of Furry Fridays. Because this would be a long drawn out war. /b/ would need to band together for a long series of stikes against the furfag community. The first site chosen for this attack was Teen Baby Net, which played home to not only furfags but grown men who had a fetish for wearing diapers.

From roughly 7am-9:30am EST, a few anonymous (Going by the handles FetusMan, Liaaa, theyakuza and HABBORAIDERx619) launched a massive attack on the TBN forums. After news of this attack spread throughout /b/, more and more /b/tards joined up and flooded until the admins locked the forums at approximately 9:30am EST. There is literally no way to describe what transpired other than utter chaos, as defined by the screencaps in the gallery below.

At roughly 10am, the forum status was changed from locked to totally unviewable.

From about 8-9am, FetusMan as well as a few anon's flooded the room for nearly an hour before leaving to put more effort into the forum raid. After the forums were locked, they (as well as newely interested /b/tards) went back and wreaked more havok in the chat room before finally being banned from the server. Calling it a day, our reserves went home and were greeted with praise from fellow anonymous for taking the fight to the enemy in such a decisive victory.

Later that night and the next day, a couple babyfags from TBN came to the Lurkmore wiki in an attempt to twist the truth and insult anonymous. Nobody bought it.


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