Tetsu Narita

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  • Mech: Hijin
  • Age: 28
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Hair: Red
  • Description: Tetsu is impulsive, a bit arrogant, and also smart. His hairstyle is kinda like Shu Shirakawa's but a bit more wild. His cyborg battle mode should have a fire motif.
  • Background: Tetsu, like Laika, was one of Professor Shima's best lab assisants. He was also Professor Shima's advisor at times, helping on various projects. He was the regular pilot of Hijin, seeing fieldwork as something beneficial. Before the Itachi incident, he was going to propose to Laika and ask Professor Shima for a project of his own. He was the first to regain his memories after hearing the Professor and wife talk about the incident. He thought that Professor Shima had willingly suppressed his memories, and he turned the Fire Legion into his tool for revenge. He kept Itachi around only because he was useful and would kill him after he had his revenge. When the Yoma were revived, Tetsu blamed himself and entered into an alliance with the TDF to defeat them.