The Bloodyard

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This takes place in my Anno Astra setting, but focusing on a very small piece of the action.


From the birth of fire to the development of practical interstellar travel, the passage of millenia has seen Man's steady rise in fortunes, first spreading across his home world, then to nearby planets, and eventually to the stars.

Now Man has established himself on dozens of star systems. With a fundamental understanding of the workings of the universe, he has harnessed the power of the atom, tinkered with the building blocks of life, crossed the vast, empty gulfs of space in an instant, and terraformed hostile worlds to a semblance of habitability. Never before has he achieved this level of greatness, in the works of his hands, the fruits of his intellect, the diversity of his cultures.

But one thing has never changed: Man's propensity for War.


A frontier world, far from the centers of civilization. Vested corporate interests, national & religious sentiments, a Balkanized political structure and plain old greed & envy has turned it into a bitterly-fought, multi-front battlefield. The rough, broken terrain has limited the fighting to small-unit actions, while political & economic considerations have limited the availability of advanced vehicles and weaponry to the forces involved.

A freelance journalist has come to the planet to give an unbiased, firsthand account of the events as they unfold.

Welcome to the Bloodyard.



Powered Suits



Mercenary Groups

  • Irish Luck
  • Fightin' 531st
  • The Breton Butchers
  • Vasily's Bogatyrs


Government Factions