August 2014 celebrity nude photo leaks

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At the end of August 2014, a large amount of celebrity nudes were dumped to 4chan. While the quality of the images--and the quality of the girls in the images--were poor, it was still an event that took hold of many people of lower intelligence because they are more interested in ugly celebrities than they are in the hundreds of much hotter women (and girls) who upload their pictures to the Internet on a daily basis. The Fappening is the retarded name that redditors gave to that day's events.

The images were first dumped to 4chan with the OP demanding bitcoins for more of the images to be posted. The OP said he acquired the images from an iCloud hack, and while the images may have actually been taken from iCloud (some of the celebrities criticized Apple, therefore admitting that's where they came from), there's no proof that the OP was the person who actually acquired the images, he could have just been someone who came into possession of them from the "hacker."

Some of the celebrities that were dumped: Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Jenny McCarthy, Rihanna, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kirsten Dunst, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Teresa Palmer, McKayla Maroney, Selena Gomez, Aubrey Plaza, Yvonne Strahovsk, Melissa Benoist, Becca Tobin, Brie Larson, Lea Michelle, Kaley Cuoco. There were reports of many more celeb pictures available, but there's currently no proof that they exist.

4chan started deleting and banning users for posting images of Jennifer Lawrence, McKayla Maroney, and possibly other slut celebrities due to copyright requests--McKayla's images are removed due to being taken before she turned 18 years old. The raw images of Jennifer Lawrence can't even be posted because they are filtered by the file's hash, so the images must be edited slightly to allow them to be posted.

Many of the images of Hayden Panettiere--that were being passed off as being part of the leak--are fakes that were posted to Usenet 2011, possibly earlier.