Tochi Shima

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  • Age: 22
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Black
  • Description: Tochi is very cautious. He is also very protective of his faimly. His hairstyle is normal. His cyborg battle mode should have a rock/ground motif.
  • Background: Tochi is the eldest of the Shima siblings. He took over as pilot of Jimenjin when he was old enough, so his father wouldn't have to stress himself. When Itachi attacked the ceremony, Tochi's first impulse was to shield his father. This caused Kochi Shima to survive and transfer Tochi's, his siblings, Laika, and Tetsu's memories to cyborg bodies. He regained his memories when fighting against Itachi during his attack on Shima Industries. Tochi sees the TDF occupation of Shima Industries as bringing potential danger to his faimly. He wants to defeat the Fire Legion, and eventually the Yoma, to make sure his faimly is safe.