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Starting on June 15, Tom Green partnered with ManiaTV! to host his own live call-in show, right from his own living room. Every 11pm EST he has a live broadcast of his show, which consists of guests on the show (ranging from Tony Hawk to Melissa Rivers) and him taking calls from people across the globe. At one point, he gave a group of girls their own show called "Girl Talk," which was 5 attractive (though clueless) females who would give advice to callers.

Upon hearing about these shows, /b/ made it a point to start calling into these shows, shouting memes such as Pool's Closed and Anonymous does not forgive into the phone. There was a show originally on Tom Green known as Girl Talk, Eventually, this built up into more complex calls, such as famous copypasta being told to the girls, who believed the stories, until the copypasta abrubtly turned into the caller rapping off the theme song to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The girls on Girl Talk were typically clueless about these memes, often saying "Shame on you!", and hanging up on them, they believed the calls were all from one person. Tom Green on the other hand, has a bit more fun with these callers, often shouting things back at them or playing along. (See video clips below)

On August 19, Tom Green announced on his blog that Girl Talk was cancelled, due to the viewers not liking it. However, many believe that this was because of the immense amount of prank calls from /b/tards that Girl Talk had recieved. The next day, he announced that he was recruiting local LA talent Leonard Mills (which is actually a drunk Tom Green wearing a wig) for Leonard Mills Live, a call-in show where Leonard improvises songs with prank phone callers.

There have been multiple tip-off's to Tom Green about /b/, either through e-mail or actual phone-in calls on-air. However, it should be noted that in all past forum invasions on other sites, these sabotuers rarely succeed in their goal, and there is a 100% chance that they will fail this time.

A memorable Tom Green invasion was when Tony Hawk was on (second time), it looked like /b/ was not going to be invading, as only 1 /b/tard had pranked the show, but near the end Tom Green decided to end with taking around 8 more calls, as a result, alot of /b/tards flooded in, "So I herd u liek Mudkips, SHOOP DA WOOP" was one of the calls. Someone pranked with the common "Barrel Roll" quote, where Tony Hawk started talking random shit about boogie boards and stuff, after which Tom Green began saying "Actually Barrel Roll originated in the game Star Fox", this resulted in epic win from the /b/tards, but epic fail from Tony, as he said "That game's old.."

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