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Don't like Lucky Star? What's the matter...too much FOOD for thought?

Short-lived /a/ macro meme from July 2007, featuring the "Big Dog" mascot from the line of T-Shirts of the same name. Consisted of a picture of the "Tuff Dawg" in an exaggerated pose, either in deep thought or pointing assertively, with "lame" taglines, as if to imply the macro was designed by an underaged b& attempting to look sophisticated or edgy. The macro's text is generated as Microsoft Wordart, using different styles to accentuate different words. This meme was almost immediately stolen by /v/, but its presence on /a/ remained notable until the idea was in turn stolen by SomethingAwful, who claimed credit and put an offending watermark on the /a/ original variants (though it known that SA goons also post in /a/). Now considered a dead meme, though the "thinking" Tuff Dawg often appears in posts as a sign of sarcasm, and several of the taglines became memes proper themselves (like, "Don't like Evangelion? What's the matter...too DEEP for you?";"Gurren-Lagann? I liked it better when it was called EVANGELION";"Don't like uterus sex? What's the matter...too DEEP for you?")