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Do you get it NOW, motherfucker?

You can connect to undernet via IRC, on us.undernet.org or eu.undernet.org. It is very important that you do not, under any circumstances, connect to undernet. If you choose to ignore this warning, I am not responsible for any resulting mental/emotional issues. The biggest collection of dumbasses and perverts on irc, possibly the entire interweb. This makes it a prime baiting/trolling target, as even the ops in the various channels are seemingly incapable of understanding when they have been trolled.


<owen`> like a big tongue
<skaterchik09> wat?
<owen`> u like the tongue or the knot
<skaterchik09> never tried it yet
<skaterchik09> asl
<owen`> 34 m tx u?
<skaterchik09> 16 f az
<owen`> so what part do u think about
<skaterchik09> the cock
<skaterchik09> u?
<owen`> id like to see it happen
<skaterchik09> u dun even know what i look like
<skaterchik09> i could be fat n ugly for all u know
<skaterchik09> i'm not but still
<owen`> u could be
<owen`> u still have ur panties on
<skaterchik09> profiles.yahoo.com/skater_chik_09
<skaterchik09> u tell me
<skaterchik09> while i go smoek
<owen`> ur not fat and ugly ill give u that, id lick ur ass for sure
<skaterchik09> would you lick my balls too?
<owen`> funny
<skaterchik09> so that's a no?

It's #dogsex. Enough said.

<Thomas24> hi
<Thomas24> how are ya?
<skaterchik09> good
<skaterchik09> u?
<Thomas24> im good.. a bit horny tho, hehe
<Thomas24> scared you away, eh
<skaterchik09> no
<skaterchik09> i gotta mix my drinks
<skaterchik09> not like i'/M going to school int he morning
<Thomas24> hehe
<Thomas24> make me one also
<Thomas24> ...and get onto my lap!
<skaterchik09> i don't see you in here anywhere
<Thomas24> :/
<skaterchik09> are you in the closet?
<skaterchik09> come out of the closet you silly man
<Thomas24> yes, I am!
<Thomas24> and sorry
<Thomas24> I like it in the dark
<skaterchik09> great
<skaterchik09> you're retarded
<Thomas24> you wish!
<Thomas24> but no.. i'm above your level, dear
<Thomas24> :(
<skaterchik09> think so?
<Thomas24> I know so
<skaterchik09> orly?
<skaterchik09> and how can you be so sure?
<Thomas24> I just am
<skaterchik09> oh
<skaterchik09> ok
<skaterchik09> i'm convinced now
<Thomas24> great!
<skaterchik09> dumbass
<Thomas24> yes, I know you are! no need to say such things about yourself, tho
<skaterchik09> ...
<skaterchik09> my brain just exploded
<Thomas24> suprised you had a brain tbh
<skaterchik09> what a zinger
<skaterchik09> u ever thought about going into standup?
<Thomas24> what makes you think i'm not already in the business?
<skaterchik09> it would make a lot of sense
<Thomas24> ! ;)
<skaterchik09> brb smoeking
<Thomas24> ok :) kiss!
<skaterchik09> :)
<Thomas24> might add some tongue, if you like
<skaterchik09> w00t!
<Thomas24> is that bad?
<skaterchik09> newp
<skaterchik09> w00t! is win
<Thomas24> ah, ok
<Thomas24> I wanna fuck your ass too
<skaterchik09> will u give me a reacharound?
<Thomas24> yes
<Thomas24> is that too small?
<skaterchik09> ?
<Thomas24> reacharound
<skaterchik09> no
<skaterchik09> i got a little over 7 inches
<Thomas24> oh! :(
<Thomas24> tobad im not gay!
<skaterchik09> sure
<skaterchik09> ;)

You already admitted you were in the closet.

<redsoxguy> hi
<skaterchik09> oh hai
<skaterchik09> asl
<redsoxguy> 55 m canada u?
<skaterchik09> 16 f yus
<skaterchik09> us*
<redsoxguy> what part of the us?
<skaterchik09> southwest
<skaterchik09> arizona
<redsoxguy> awsome,,,, 
<skaterchik09> brb smoeking
<redsoxguy> k
<skaterchik09> so wats up
<redsoxguy> not too much,,, just hanging out
<redsoxguy> how about with u
<skaterchik09> same
<redsoxguy> are u up late or just get up early?
<skaterchik09> up late
<skaterchik09> i'm skippin school tomorrow so it don't matter anyway
<redsoxguy> no school today?
<skaterchik09> i'm shitfaced
<redsoxguy> hehe
<redsoxguy> smoke?
<skaterchik09> whiskey
<redsoxguy> jd?
<skaterchik09> fuck no
<skaterchik09> jack is bullshit
<redsoxguy> lol
<skaterchik09> jack is as bad as the canadian shit
<redsoxguy> hey now
<skaterchik09> i'm just speaking the truth
<skaterchik09> bourbon or nothing
<redsoxguy> how much did u have?
<skaterchik09> a little over half the fifth
<skaterchik09> but i'm not done yet
<redsoxguy> atta girl,,, wheres mum n dad?
<skaterchik09> fuck if i know
<redsoxguy> hehe
<redsoxguy> been drinkin on yor own?
<skaterchik09> yup
<redsoxguy> any special occasion?
<skaterchik09> friday
<skaterchik09> well
<skaterchik09> it was thursday when i started
<redsoxguy> what brings u to the dogs channel
<skaterchik09> i'm gonna do a dog
<redsoxguy> do u have one
<skaterchik09> not yet
<skaterchik09> my parents r gettin me one tho
<redsoxguy> do you know what kind?
<skaterchik09> we haven't decided yet
<skaterchik09> what u think?
<skaterchik09> i like dalmatians
<redsoxguy> they are cool,,, are you a small girl?
<skaterchik09> yeah
<skaterchik09> i'm pretty petite
<redsoxguy> how small
<skaterchik09> 5'5"
<skaterchik09> 90 lbs
<redsoxguy> wow
<redsoxguy> have you been with a boy?
<skaterchik09> yeah
<skaterchik09> a few
<redsoxguy> any with big dicks?
<skaterchik09> my uncle had a big one
<redsoxguy> did u do him?
<skaterchik09> no
<skaterchik09> he did me
<skaterchik09> when i was 8
<redsoxguy> omg
<skaterchik09> yeah
<skaterchik09> it sucked
<redsoxguy> do u still see him?
<skaterchik09> no
<skaterchik09> he's dead
<redsoxguy> ohhh should i be sorry?
<skaterchik09> i'm not
<skaterchik09> hell
<skaterchik09> my dad did it
<redsoxguy> did dad find out what uncle did?
<skaterchik09> yeah
<skaterchik09> that's why he took him out
<redsoxguy> well,,, i woulda done the same
<skaterchik09> yeah
<skaterchik09> it was totally tits
<redsoxguy> tits?
<skaterchik09> yeah
<skaterchik09> cool
<skaterchik09> awesome
<skaterchik09> tits
<skaterchik09> all the same
<redsoxguy> lol ok
<redsoxguy> well tits are awsome
<skaterchik09> so let's get down to brass tacks here
<skaterchik09> how much for the ape?
<redsoxguy> huh?
<skaterchik09> you voted for hubert humphrey
<skaterchik09> and you killed jesus
<skaterchik09> sorry
<skaterchik09> wrong window
<redsoxguy> lol
<redsoxguy> who was that for?
<skaterchik09> the townies
<skaterchik09> inside joke
<redsoxguy> ok,,,
<skaterchik09> it's all about the mudkipz
<skaterchik09> know what i mean?
<redsoxguy> nope... dumb ol canadian here
<skaterchik09> oh yeah
<skaterchik09> and you're too old to internet properly
<skaterchik09> but congrats on being able to find the dogsex channel on undernet
<redsoxguy> lol yeah i guess
<skaterchik09> my grandpa can't even log on to a computer
<redsoxguy> well i can still try to perv
<skaterchik09> but then again, he's dead, so i wouldn't expect him to
<redsoxguy> ya never know what they got whereever he is
<skaterchik09> dirt
<skaterchik09> worms
<skaterchik09> wood
<skaterchik09> some velvet lining
<redsoxguy> no texting
<skaterchik09> brass screws
<skaterchik09> ?
<skaterchik09> u lost me
<redsoxguy> didnt put a cell phone in with him?
<skaterchik09> why the hell would we waste money on a cell phone for a dead guy?
<redsoxguy> :)
<skaterchik09> i guess if he was actually sleeping and woke up he could call for help
<skaterchik09> but i doubt he'd get very good reception
<redsoxguy> donno never tried it underground
<skaterchik09> so do u believe in god?
<redsoxguy> i honestly dont know,,
<skaterchik09> do you believe that reality is a 3 dimensional holographic projection of a 2 dimensional matrix?
<redsoxguy> i kind of do but not totaly the kind of god they preach in churches
<skaterchik09> and that matter is nothing more than energy slowed to a dull vibration?
<skaterchik09> and that our thoughts and impulses are a product of chemical reactions influencing electrical processes?
<skaterchik09> ?
<redsoxguy> it all seems kind of wierd
<skaterchik09> and the concept of an invisible sky magician doesn't?
<redsoxguy> that's why i said i dont exactly beleive in the traditional idea of god
<skaterchik09> well clearly if you believe in god you have to believe that god is sentient correct?
<redsoxguy> could be strictly spiritual
<skaterchik09> ?
<skaterchik09> ok
<skaterchik09> any top of god has to be sentient though
<skaterchik09> type*
<skaterchik09> otherwise it's nothing more than a singularity
<skaterchik09> so in order for something to be god it has to be
<skaterchik09> 1. sentient
<skaterchik09> 2. capable of producing the matrix that defines reality
<skaterchik09> 3. an invisible sky magician (1+2=3)
<redsoxguy> well there may still be things that dont follow any of the rules as you interpret them
<skaterchik09> that's absolutely meaningless
<redsoxguy> lol,, just tossing out ideas
<skaterchik09> that's not an idea
<skaterchik09> it's a weakhearted attempt to hold on to an idea whose time has passed
<redsoxguy> if it hasnt cum yet how can it be passed
<skaterchik09> the idea of god hasn't come?
<skaterchik09> the time of the idea of god hasn't come?
<skaterchik09> the idea of god has been polluting minds for several millenia
<redsoxguy> it's also helped many to survive the crap of the world
<skaterchik09> so have other forms of delusion and schizophrenia
<redsoxguy> does that make god any less real then
<skaterchik09> no
<skaterchik09> it simply makes it so that the concept of god = the concept of an invisible sky magician
<redsoxguy> gravity is invisible but we can still feel it's force
<skaterchik09> yes
<skaterchik09> it's also been documented by something other than a voice in someone's head
<skaterchik09> also, if god created everything
<skaterchik09> where did god come from?
<skaterchik09> already out of ambiguous, meaningless arguments?

Seems some are incapable of understanding logic.

<OZ_Amanda> hi
<OZ_Amanda> ru active or curious
<skaterchik09> curious
<skaterchik09> u?
<OZ_Amanda> what u asl
<skaterchik09> 16 f us
<skaterchik09> u?
<OZ_Amanda> aust f 14
<skaterchik09> eep
<skaterchik09> shouldn't you be flirting with boys or something little girl?
<OZ_Amanda> u r little too
<OZ_Amanda> lol
<OZ_Amanda> i do it with g/f and guy but it so nice when mine licked me
<OZ_Amanda> so woundering how that may feel
<skaterchik09> don't tell anyone
<skaterchik09> but i'm a 22 year old dude in here trolling perverts because i'm an insomniac and it passes the time
<OZ_Amanda> dont tell anyone what
<skaterchik09> that i'm a 22 year old dude in here trolling perverts because i'm an insomniac and it passes the time
<OZ_Amanda> so u get excited with dogs too
<skaterchik09> no
<skaterchik09> i'm fucking with people who do
<OZ_Amanda> girl or guy
<skaterchik09> male
<OZ_Amanda> it must be so hot watching it
<skaterchik09> are you retarded? 

They do say that the children are the future...FUCK

<NastyDom> a/s/l
<skaterchik09> 16 f us
<skaterchik09> u?
<NastyDom> active or only curious
<skaterchik09> curious
<skaterchik09> no pets atm
<NastyDom> then what made u so curious
<skaterchik09> it was actually longcat
<NastyDom> expain that
<skaterchik09> longcat is looooooooooooooong
<NastyDom> but what is a longcat
<skaterchik09> it's a member of the mudkip family
<skaterchik09> do u liek mudkipz?
<NastyDom> don't know them
<skaterchik09> oh
<skaterchik09> i herd u guise liek mudkipz
<NastyDom> maybe I would if i new what they were:)
<NastyDom> so what more do u like
* Received a CTCP PING 1233913809 from NastyDom
<skaterchik09> there is one thing that i can't figure out though
<NastyDom> and that is what?
<skaterchik09> how do i shot web?
<NastyDom> shoot what?:)
<skaterchik09> web
<NastyDom> u lost me
<NastyDom> have no idea what u mean with shooting a web at all
<skaterchik09> hold on a sec
<skaterchik09> i'm havin an acid flashback
<NastyDom> k
<NastyDom> describe urself when ur back
<skaterchik09> uh
<skaterchik09> i have a profile pic on my yahoo profile
<NastyDom> show it to me then
<skaterchik09> profiles.yahoo.com/skater_chik_09
<NastyDom> not bad:)
<skaterchik09> :)
<NastyDom> to bad it doesn't show more:)
<skaterchik09> i have a gallery w/ more
<NastyDom> and how do I get to see them?
<skaterchik09> *tinyurl link to big white uncut cock*
<skaterchik09> u liek?
<skaterchik09> ?
<NastyDom> all I saw was a guys cock:)
<skaterchik09> wat?
<skaterchik09> eep
<skaterchik09> wrong link
<NastyDom> thought it had to be lol
<skaterchik09> *tinyurl link to naked ladyboy*
<skaterchik09> better?
<skaterchik09> brb smoeking
<NastyDom> no this time it was a shemale lol
<skaterchik09> i'll figure it out when i get back
<NastyDom> k
<skaterchik09> *tinyurl link to goatse*
<skaterchik09> i don't know why this is being such a pain in the ass
<NastyDom> then u better follow that link and u will know
<skaterchik09> works fine for me
<NastyDom> not for me
<skaterchik09> maybe yhbt
<NastyDom> must be it
<skaterchik09> yep
<skaterchik09> i think so
<NastyDom> it keeps redirecting to different web and pictures
<skaterchik09> *tinyurl link to gay niggers*
<skaterchik09> does that one work?
<NastyDom> http://www.ebony-men.com/images/4.jpg yesbrings me to this web and picture lol
<skaterchik09> idk
<skaterchik09> i guess
<skaterchik09> yhbt
<skaterchik09> is the only thing i can think of
<NastyDom> well makes ur links useless anyways
<skaterchik09> what does?
<skaterchik09> yhbt?
<skaterchik09> makes them work right
<NastyDom> no 
<skaterchik09> oh yes
<skaterchik09> yhbt
<skaterchik09> face it
<NastyDom> what ever it works ok on every other links but urs
<skaterchik09> how old did you say you are again?
<NastyDom> so u face it
<skaterchik09> http://tinypic.com/ilzxx4.jpg (see top right, slug, pwn3d)
<skaterchik09> hurry
<skaterchik09> before they take it down
<skaterchik09> get it yet?
<NastyDom> http://tinypic.com/ilzxx4.jpg
<NastyDom> this yes lol
<skaterchik09> now imagine that you're a slug
<skaterchik09> and i'm a 25 year old guy trolling morons in a dogsex channel on irc 

PROTIP: If someone repeatedly uses a phrase that you don't understand/recognize, google it. It may save you from goatse.

<Jak`> hi skater
<skaterchik09> hi! :)
<Jak`> how ya doin?
<skaterchik09> good u?
<Jak`> im good thanks
<Jak`> how old are you?
<skaterchik09> 16 f
<skaterchik09> u?
<Jak`> 17m
<skaterchik09> us?
<Jak`> yea
<skaterchik09> i'm in az
<Jak`> il
<Jak`> what are you into?
<skaterchik09> sex with dogs
<Jak`> how long you been fuckin dog cock?
<skaterchik09> haven't yet
<Jak`> want too tho?
<skaterchik09> yer
<Jak`> u have a dog?
<skaterchik09> not yet
<skaterchik09> idk what kind to get
<Jak`> parents gonna get you one?
<skaterchik09> yeah
<skaterchik09> but they wanna film it
<skaterchik09> is this win?
<Jak`> your parents wanna film it??
<skaterchik09> yeah
<skaterchik09> is this win?
<Jak`> no
<skaterchik09> y not?
<Jak`> y not what?
<skaterchik09> y is this not win?
<Jak`> win? whats that
<skaterchik09> it's the opposite of lose
<skaterchik09> brb
<skaterchik09> smoeking
<skaterchik09> m back
<skaterchik09> my parents taping me sexing the dog isn't win?
<Jak`> what does win mean in this context? i never heard it like that
<skaterchik09> win is...being awesome
<Jak`> its pretty freaky
<Jak`> your parents fuck you?
<skaterchik09> no
<skaterchik09> my uncle raped me once when i was 8
<Jak`> how do they know you wanna fuck a dog?
<skaterchik09> from my computer
<skaterchik09> they found some stuff in my cache
<Jak`> and now they want you to do it?
<skaterchik09> yeah
<skaterchik09> win right?
<Jak`> its hot
<Jak`> you want them to watch and fuck while you take the dog?
<skaterchik09> idk what the plan is
<Jak`> would you suck your dad?
<skaterchik09> no
<skaterchik09> gross
<skaterchik09> you're sick
<Jak`> lol
<skaterchik09> i kid
<skaterchik09> but really
<skaterchik09> no

I got nothin

<heriny> hi
<heriny> m or f?
<skaterchik09> f
<heriny> mmmmmmm
* heriny do u really spread ur legs for dogs to mount n cum in u whore?
<skaterchik09> not yet
<heriny> what r u waiting for bitch?
<skaterchik09> a dog
<heriny> ooooh bitch
<heriny> tell me ur a/l?
<skaterchik09> a cat is fine too
<heriny> r u serious?
<skaterchik09> yeah
<heriny> so u want to get fucked by a cat too?
<skaterchik09> or mudkipz
<heriny> whats mudkipz?
<skaterchik09> slowpoke is slow
<heriny> ohhh
<heriny> show me ur pic bitch
<skaterchik09> profiles.yahoo.com/skater_chik_09
<heriny> whats ur yahoo?
<heriny> i can add u
<heriny> slut
<heriny> whats ur yahoo id?
<skaterchik09> ...
<skaterchik09> <skaterchik09> profiles.yahoo.com/skater_chik_09
<skaterchik09> it's the part after the slash
<skaterchik09> hence it being my yahoo profile
<heriny> i added u 
<heriny> sign in
<skaterchik09> and my username on here
<skaterchik09> i am signed on
<skaterchik09> you didn't add a c did you?
<heriny> mine is
<heriny> malcommeex
<heriny> add me
<skaterchik09> r u black?
<heriny> yes bitch
<heriny> not totally black
<heriny> but dark skinned tanned one
<skaterchik09> eew
<skaterchik09> i don't do niggers
<heriny> i am not i told u
<heriny> i am african but from north africa
<skaterchik09> a nigger is a nigger
<heriny> we are not blk but tanned bronze skin
<heriny> yes
<heriny> i am not a nigger
<heriny> got it?>
<skaterchik09> you're black and of african descent
<skaterchik09> i hate to tell yo
<skaterchik09> that's the definition of a nigger
<heriny> i swear i am no
<heriny> am not
<skaterchik09> unless you're a sand nigger
<heriny> u whore
<heriny> listen
<heriny> i am not a nigger i am egyptian
<heriny> got it?
<skaterchik09> ok
<skaterchik09> so then you're a sand nigger
<heriny> if u say so
<skaterchik09> i do
<heriny> do u like that slut?
<skaterchik09> not into sand niggers either
<skaterchik09> sorry
<heriny> i beg u
<heriny> i would be ur slut
<heriny> will do anything u want
<skaterchik09> kill yourself
<heriny> i beg u Mistress
<heriny> take me and i will do what u want
<skaterchik09> i told you
<skaterchik09> kill yourself
<skaterchik09> and you still haven't done it
<skaterchik09> you're the worst slave ever
<heriny> cumon Mistress be reasonable
<skaterchik09> ok
<skaterchik09> cut off your cock
<heriny> i beg u
<heriny> why r u kidding?
<skaterchik09> i'm not
<skaterchik09> you just aren't doing what you're told
<heriny> who would do this after knowing u for 5 mins only!!
<heriny> do u want me to get naked now Mistress?
<skaterchik09> no
<skaterchik09> turn white
<heriny> i am
<heriny> Mistress
<heriny> want me naked?
<skaterchik09> have you turned white yet?
<heriny> yes Mistress
<skaterchik09> bullshit sand nigger
<skaterchik09> keep turning white
<heriny> i did
<skaterchik09> quit lying to me asshole
<heriny> i am not
<skaterchik09> pics
<heriny> do u have yahoo or msn?
<skaterchik09> brb
<skaterchik09> smoeking
<heriny> lady
<heriny> how old r u?
<skaterchik09> 16
<heriny> oh
<heriny> young pussy
<skaterchik09> ;) brb
<skaterchik09> are you naked yet?
<skaterchik09> white boy
<heriny> yes Mistress
<heriny> naked for ur use
<skaterchik09> pinch your nipples
<heriny> ooooh it hurts Mistress
<skaterchik09> now put something in your butt
<heriny> i beg u Mistress my butt is virgin dont want to do this
<skaterchik09> do it faggot
<heriny> ohhhhhh i beg u Mistress plzz not this plzz
<skaterchik09> DO IT FAGGOT
<skaterchik09> DO IT NOW
<skaterchik09> HEY
<skaterchik09> frucker
<skaterchik09> fucker

I never even got to let him know I'm a dude.

<KayNiner> hi lilly
<skaterchik09> oh hai
<skaterchik09> how do u know me?
<skaterchik09> are you stalking me?
<KayNiner> =) saw u in a channel and decided to have a closer look
<skaterchik09> :)
<skaterchik09> what channel?
<KayNiner> the one u are in now
<skaterchik09> so how do you know i'm lilly?
<KayNiner> i just whoised u... =)
<skaterchik09> oh
<skaterchik09> ok
<skaterchik09> lol
<KayNiner> so how are u doing?
<skaterchik09> good
<skaterchik09> drunk
<KayNiner> what did u have?
<skaterchik09> bourbon
<KayNiner> how old are u?
<skaterchik09> 16
<skaterchik09> u?
<KayNiner> a tad older, i am 30
<KayNiner> did u drink with someone?
<skaterchik09> nope
<skaterchik09> i'm still workin on it
<KayNiner> lol
<KayNiner> who´s at home with u?
<skaterchik09> idk
<skaterchik09> haven't been downstairs for a while now
<KayNiner> =) so u got ur doggy with u? =)
<skaterchik09> not yet
<skaterchik09> my parents haven't got it yet
<KayNiner> what breed will he be?
<skaterchik09> don't know yet
<skaterchik09> i'm thinkin a dal
<KayNiner> cute. what do u look like, if i may ask?
<skaterchik09> profiles.yahoo.com/skater_chik_09
<KayNiner> yummy. have u ever had some fun with an animal?
<skaterchik09> never a dog
<skaterchik09> a cat is fine too
<skaterchik09> amirite?
<KayNiner> pussy is ok... =)
<KayNiner> though dogs are mre fun for girls
<skaterchik09> also, mudkipz
<KayNiner> do u have a bf?
<skaterchik09> a couple
<skaterchik09> girlfriends too
<KayNiner> what do u like doing for the boys best?
<skaterchik09> fucking them with my strapon
<skaterchik09> wat about u?
<skaterchik09> wat u liek doing for the boyz?
<KayNiner> making them kneel for dogs to fuck, just like girls
<skaterchik09> orly?
<KayNiner> yep
<skaterchik09> ok
<skaterchik09> so you've had experience then
<skaterchik09> i have a question
<KayNiner> go ahead
<skaterchik09> how do i shot web?
<KayNiner> what do u mean?
<skaterchik09> RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111!!!!!!!!!1111oneoneone
<KayNiner> huh?
<skaterchik09> woop woop yo
<skaterchik09> amirite?
<KayNiner> what do u think u are rite with?
<skaterchik09> wat
<skaterchik09> i'm fuckin drunk
<skaterchik09> how do i shot web?
<KayNiner> ur webcam?
<skaterchik09> RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111!!!!!!!!!1111oneoneone
<skaterchik09> amirite?
<KayNiner> whatever u mean
<skaterchik09> woop woop yo

Clown love

<EventHorizon> Want to chat more privately?
<skaterchik09> soon as i get back from a cigarette
<EventHorizon> Cant wait
* EventHorizon has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<EventHorizon> Got disconn. here I am again
<skaterchik09> that must be irritating
<skaterchik09> are you experienced?
<EventHorizon> It is. You are boiling hot
<EventHorizon> Experienced?
<skaterchik09> lord knows i'm a voodoo child
<skaterchik09> lol
<skaterchik09> i'm pretty drunk 
<EventHorizon> What is your name?
<skaterchik09> what's yours?
<skaterchik09> mine's on my profile
<EventHorizon> Hi Lilly. Mine is 
<EventHorizon> damnit LOL
<EventHorizon> martin
<skaterchik09> i have an uncle named martin
<skaterchik09> but anyway
<skaterchik09> whats up
<EventHorizon> I am not him LOL. So have you had a dog on you?
<skaterchik09> not yet
<skaterchik09> my parents are getting one ina  few days here though
<EventHorizon> And are you thinking of spreading your pretty things for him?
<skaterchik09> that's why we're getting it
<EventHorizon> Your parents are in on it?
<skaterchik09> theyr recording it
<skaterchik09> is this win?
<EventHorizon> win?
<skaterchik09> is it?
<EventHorizon> Dont understand the q
<skaterchik09> y so not undersatnding?
<EventHorizon> what does is it win mean?
<skaterchik09> chawklit reign
<skaterchik09> some stay dry and others feel the pain
<EventHorizon> Guess you are a bit drunk
<skaterchik09> i'm a whore
<EventHorizon> A fucking sexy whore at that. So what is your titsize, slut
<skaterchik09> never gonna give you up
<skaterchik09> never gonna let you down
<EventHorizon> Where can I get more pics of you
<skaterchik09> *tinyurl link to rickroll*
<skaterchik09> ;) my private gallery
<skaterchik09> u liek?
<EventHorizon> You looke like rick astley LOL
<skaterchik09> huh?
<EventHorizon> It ruotes to youtube with a rick astley vid
<skaterchik09> what vid?
<skaterchik09> wat
<skaterchik09> *tinyurl link to black cock*
<EventHorizon> Oh never mind then.
<skaterchik09> ?
<skaterchik09> lol