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Corpse is nynnie's secret mistress, and covets her like a neverending mint-chocolate Girl Guide cookie.


  • Alias: Corpse, AngelVanished, Anonymous Stalker, Obscured, Ichimokuren
  • Name: Christian :O
  • DOB: September 13, 19##
  • Location: Canadia


He's some freak from /mg/ that doesn't actually put up pictures anymore, although he promises he will as soon as he's legal. Look forward to 13/9/10! He's mentally rather fucked up and he likes it that way, ohhhhh yeah. He smokes, smokes pot, drinks coffee, takes Demerol, drinks far too much booze for his goddamned liver, has a lung capacity of 6.9 L, and always gets horny whenever he sees Biology and attractive boys, even though he does not like Biology all that much. He has always wanted to suck off a straight guy.


  • nynnie's secret hole
  • feeling dirty
  • smoking
  • guro
  • brawling with close friends
  • that Paradox likes sucking him off :3


  • nynnie's other holes
  • cheap pornos
  • System of a Down
  • Nickelback


  • email:
  • IRC