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J-kun is the faggot who runs shit at

General Info

  • Aliases: J-kun, Jam-kun, Jammy, J
  • Name: Jaime
  • DOB: He was ripped from the womb by a surgeon years and years ago.
  • Location: USA


J-kun is a pretty legendary camwhore. He appeared on IRC sometime early 2007, at best guess. He found his way across the *chans in early 2007, settling down at chanchan, and /mg/ specifically, because of his love of camwhoring and barely-legal male pornography. He was eventually granted ops on #chanchan due to his being "pretty cool for a faggot." The little-known fact that he actually loves vag is often overlooked for the sake of the lulz. He later started up #malegeneral as a haven for the faggots who couldn't hack it in #chanchan. Since then, #malegeneral has grown to be of equal size to and even greater faggotry than #chanchan.

J-kun is well-known throughout the lands for being arrogant, self-righteous, superficial, and a total asshole. J-kun spends his days in his lab doing science, taking classes for fun, and/or travelling the globe. He is currently single but spoken for.

In his younger years, J-kun was a fairly successful camwhore. By successful, of course, it is meant that he made a crapton of money jerking off for old men and managed to spray his dick all over the intarwebs. This has damaged his psyche irreparably, and left him as the dysfunctional sociopath we have all come to know and love.


  • Starches, in order of preference: rice, couscous, capellini, most other pastas, potatoes, bread
  • Proteins, in order of preference: semen, fish, other seafood, game, birds, pork, plant-based sources, cow
  • Destroying orifices with his unimpressive penis
  • Shitting in private
  • Kittens


  • Penne
  • Fake meat
  • People who don't fucking swallow
  • Shitting in public
  • Being allergic to kittens

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