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nd has been said to mean many things. this is not nd.

General Info

  • Alias: nd, andrew, snorlax
  • Location: Arkansas
  • Age: this isn't age's shit, go away ;_;


In 2005 or 2006, nd did a /whois on Skinner8 and saw he was in some random channel that he didn't know existed, so he joined it and idled for a while until he saw someone say something stupid and spoke up, deriding them for being such an idiot. He was promptly opped and hasn't left since, despite his total lack of anything in common with any other regulars other than King_John. He didn't even know of chanchan until months after being opped.


  • King_John
  • making fun of nynnie
  • shitty faggy music
  • beating women
  • titties


  • Trannies
  • Simpering Faggots
  • #chanchan
  • Sissi
  • bitches who get a board on chanchan and think it's suddenly ok to not post nudes anymore


Contact Info

  • aim: RyuAsmadi
  • email:
  • msn:

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