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Nynnie is Twinu of the Emperor of chanchan and sleeps with the King.

General Info

  • Aliases: nyannie, fatass, lazy, retard
  • Name: TWINU
  • DOB: I'm 14!
  • Location: Candida


Not much of Nynnie is known. Okay, that's a lie, Sissi said it and it sounded cool. ;_; After remaining in the background feeding the King for about two years, she suddenly decided to be a moron and make herself known to the general populous. chanchan has never recovered. Due to her constant moping and whining, everyone wants her to die but all they can do is try to starve her and she can live off of her own blubber for at least a century so they're stuck with her.

Nynnie is a miserable pile of way too much flesh. In her spare time, she whines to her twin brother on MSN or in the IRC channel. She often whines about how she will never get new friends, and, thus, will never have a life. She surfs food blogs and online stores and makes a mean brownie, but hardly ever contacts real humans because they suck.

In her younger years, Nynnie was amazing, a social butterly and fit in with most groups. As a result, Nynnie developed a strong love for weird art and playing every instrument in sight. That doesn't make much sense but hey, whatev, this is her shit. This is reflected upon her fatass flailing actions in the channel.

Nynnie is known for hating pretty much anyone unless they are completely fucking awesome and also for making fun of fat people. She also likes baby animals. She also likes manly men that buy her Betsey Johnson bikinis and cookies (THAT IS HER TWINU).


  • food
  • her kitties
  • john (a little bit)


  • argumentative people
  • constipation
  • red meat


  • <Nyan-Kun> You'll get used to nynnie. She's like a bean-bag sofa with opinions.
  • <Nyan-Kun> The Chronicles of Nynnia
  • <Nyan-Kun> The lion, the witch and the fatroll