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Sissi is Emperor of chanchan

General Info

  • Aliases: Sissi, Sassi, PsychedelicBulimia
  • Name: TWINU
  • DOB: ???
  • Location: USA


Not much of Sissi is known. Sissi appeared on IRC sometime early summer 2008, at best guess. He found his way across the *chans in early 2008, settling down at chanchan for reasons unknown. Due to his constant moping and whining, he was made Emperor.

Sissi is a mutt of monstrosity. In his spare time, he whines to his twin sister on MSN or in the IRC channel. He often whines about how he will never get a girlfriend, and, thus, will never get laid. He surfs Plenty of Fish for potential girlfriends, but hardly any of them message him back.

In his younger years, Sissi was a loser, socially awkward and an outcast even to the losers. As a result, Sissi developed a strong distaste for people and a strong taste for "not normal" music. This is reflected upon his fiendish actions in the channel.

Sissi is also known for liking women with large boobs and larger asses, as long as they are proportional. He also likes MtF transsexuals. He also likes blobs that make him brownies and cookies and bruebelly cakes. (THAT IS HIS TWINU)


  • Cookies, brownies, cupcakes
  • IRC
  • Full-figured women


  • belair
  • people embarrassed about pooping
  • cake, pie