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Goodnight, sweet prince.

Yellow's Big Unnecessary Server Killing Biography

  • Yellow isn't Japanese. He's Chinese. A 100% vomit colored descendant of two milleniums of civil war, communism and moonspeak.
  • While he does tend to post under threads with pictures of dogs and cats regarding the taste of their meat, he has never truly tasted both animals. (He intends to do so at some time in the future)
  • You should blame Kandie for creating a thread that led him to AV-Chat. From AV-Chat to Stickam and from Stickam to Chan Chan. Good going, Kandie.
  • Yellow dislikes the fact that he forsake his anonymity in order to garner identity. This is made worse by the fact whenever someone happens to break rule 1 and 2 (Disregard that, I just broke it by mentioning it). Identity creates the belief of self-importance and individualism which is made of attention and fail. Yellow does his best to make sure you understand that you are insignificant and trivial.
  • Yellow is everything but Asian. Every myth and stereotype is put away in his presence - due to the fact that he is hardly gentle, soft or polite, that he lacks compassion for strangers and is anything but friendly amongst white people.
  • Yellow probably hates you.
  • Despite his lurking, Yellow doesn't like Chan Chan due to the fact that it gives off a select few girls and boys the ability to be worshipped and loved on the internets. What further irritates him is the fact that most of them don't show tits or vagoo after attaining their own board (which is nothing short of Myspace and gay).
  • Yellow speaks near perfect english and actually has alot of difficulty reading his own language.
  • As a child, playing at a park with his grandfather, Yellow barrel rolled down a hill and woke up with his own ankle in his mouth.
  • Yellow was an only child. He has a half-brother and half-sister (Ages 7 and 9). He adamantly defends them against loli and shota lovers.
  • A constant joke is that Yellow is, in fact, dead from a car crash while attempting to earn his car license. This was completely derived from the joke that Asians can't drive for jackshit. Goodnight Sweet Prince.
  • Yellow finds alot of difficulty describing himself in third person.
  • Ronery? You motherfucker!

Yellow's Little Chinaman

  • It is officially 2 inches when dormant and 6.3 inches when fully erect. That is an average white man's cock. That is a great achievement.
  • As of June 29, 2007, Yellow took a full body examination test and was reported to have a 'meagre' sperm survival rate. At least it still stands properly.
 Note: Yellow died shortly after the writing of this article 


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