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Thanks for your contribs. kyrio 15:16, 30 July 2006 (PDT)


Thanks for the clean up. I'm terrible at punctuation and spelling and apreciate you cleaning up after me. You wouldn't happen to be Capt. Cornflake would you?

If I am, it's irrelevent. I try to keep the two handles separate. When posting about the 'other name,' I try to only post what I've actually seen show up on /b/ ;)
I just figured. BTW you really have established a presence

GreenReaper's a Furfag You want I should do something about that?

It would be nice. Him, Vmos and Booger have all attempted to twist the truth on or simply deface the invasion page.

green reaper booger and vmos have all been deleted.

I talked to john today and he mentioned that email you sent him.

We are working on something