Verihand and Verisign

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A verihand is a method of identifying oneself, as proof of being the person in the pictures being posted, by writing on ones hand. The verification is usually the name of the website being posted on, though it can also just be the current date or requests that the viewers have asked for. The text is usually written with a Sharpie, or other type of permanent marker, though some less intelligent camwhores have used highlighters or even pens.

The term verihand has grown to account for a verification written on any part of the body, not just the hand.


A verisign is a simpler, and less risky, version of the verihand. With the verihand, a camwhore must brand her own body. With a verisign, the camwhore is writing the verification on a piece of disposable paper. While less entertaining, this does provide instant verification.

One benefit of a verisign is that long identifications can be made. Entire phrases can be written and also cute camwhore drawings. Overall, none of the benefits outweigh the loss of branding a camwhore for amusement.