Victory Spartan

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Gattai Shift: Victory Cross!

With Justice Titan temporarily out of commission against the Deadzone Armada's new Cyber Warbeasts the Seigimen were given permission to summon the Victory Machines into battle. Completely caught off guard, the Deadzone Armada's new Cyber Warbeasts were utterly destroyed by the powerful Victory Spartan.

Victory Spartan continued to be used throughout the Seigimen's adventures against the Deadzone Armada's more powerful creations, often as a strong opening hand. It participated in the final battle against Doctor Deadzone where it was disabled by the mutated giant Dr. Deadzone. It was used again in various adventures after the defeat of the Deadzone Armada including fighting the Archfiend Kingdom and fighting alongside Predamax.

Victory Tractor - Seigi Red's machine, which acts as the tractor unit for Seigi Green's Victory Maser. Armed with medium strength cannons. Forms the Head and upper torso.

Victory Craft - Seigi White's machine is an all terrain cover craft capable of travel through water, burrowing in the ground and flying. Often used as a scouting and repair unit. Forms the feet of Victory Spartan.

Victory Maser - Seigi Green's vehicle is heavily armored and sports a heavy Maser Cannon. It is capable of movement on its own, but benefits greatly from the Victory Tractor's mobility. Forms the wiast, thighs, and legs of Victory Spartan.

Victory Seeker - Seigi Blue's super sonic jet capable of breakneck speeds and maneuverability in all atmospheres. Forms the right arm of Victory Spartan.

Victory Delta - Seigi Pink's fighter bomber is a deadly combination of air superiority as well as ground support, not as fast as the Victory Seeker but is better armored and sports better weaponry. Forms the left arm of Victory Spartan.


Height: 70 Meters

Weight: 7500 Tons

Armor: Classified

Power Source: Relicium

Maximum Power Output: Classified

Sure Hit! Victory Hammer: Gravity Well Smash!

Victory Spartan is more powerful than Justice Titan, armed with more powerful weapons. In addition it is more heavily armored and towers in height compared to its older brother. However it is slower as a result, and it's weapons are not as versatile, sacrificed for sheer fire power and brute force. It's internal mechanics also give it immense physical strength in order to grapple with the new types of various enemy robots and monster the Seigimen encounter.