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A Grim, gritty, real-robot story for SRW /m/.


The Robots of this universe, called simply "War machines" are by and large solidly built pieces of machinery. There's nothing that can't be explained with good ole science, and everything is controlled via cockpit, rather than by screaming voice commands. They generally follow army principles and are, by and large, the perfect weapon for this day and age.


Earth, AF Year 438 (Adfecto Ferum)

Earth has been split by two factions. Tyrannis, an alliance between the US, Japan, UK and Western Europe has come under attack by JEK, the alliance 'twixt Russia, China, Germany, and the rest of the east of europe.

In AF 416, the alliance between Tyrannis was formed. The alliance hoped to build up relations between the countries, and was designed to take on as many allies as it could, until a world-government could form. in 419, Russia was attacked out of nowhere by a nuclear charge in barren Siberia. This was taken as a declaration of war, and the Russians publicly blamed the last country to completely dismantle Nuclear devices in 409, the USA. Nobody could ever find out what had caused that Nuclear strike in reality. JEK was formed out of the former enemies of the countries that compose Tyrannis and the world was plunged into War. in 420, the first War Machine was built in a Tokyo laboratory, and launched the mass production of the War Machine on both sides due to spying and defection. An arms race had started up soon after, mainly between the strong-armed US and Russian militaries.

On 427, production of the WMs was at it's peak. In one last ditch to edge out a victory, an engineer belonging to JEK named Einst Seigel created a prototype mech, called the "Chimera," which was to be the ultimate WM. This prototype, however, was stolen as the German scientist defected to Tyrannis. It was ultimately lost to both sides, dumped into the sea by it's war-weary creator, who purposely sank the carrier on which he was transporting it, killing himself and the entire crew so the weapon would never be found.

In the intervening years between then and now several "Chimera Projects" (CP) have come and gone, trying to recreate the perfect weapon that was created so many years ago.

In 437, US and Japan came the closest with their CP-8 project, which created a series of three "Faux Chimeras." Chimera Mk.VIII (CP-8 3H543, Codename: Lucy), A Close-quarters mech with high armor and constitution, Chimera Mk.IX (CP-8 3H544, Codename: Linus), specializing in Long range combat and stealth, and Chimera Mk.X (CP-8 3H545, Codename: Rerun), an airborne mech, the only one of it's kind, with high maneuverability and speed.

Unfortunately, a salvaging crew belonging to no alliance has found the Chimera Mk.I's resting place.





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Tyrannis Mecha

O.A.F. Unit

  • War Machine Series 20, Offensive Armada Fighter (O.A.F.)(WM-20 2H788)
  • O.A.F. Admiral Series (WM-20 2H789)

"Lucy," Chimera Mk.VIII (CP-8 3H543 prototype)

"Linus" Chimera Mk.IX (CP-8 3H544 prototype)

"Rerun" Chimera Mk.X (CP-8 3H545 prototype)

Tyrannis Warship G-43, Schultz

JEK Mecha

A.X.E Unit

  • JEK WM series 21, Advanced eXtraction Enforcer (JEK WM-21 2W674)
  • A.X.E Werner Custom

"Kaiser" Chimera Mk.XI (CP-9 4H001 Prototype)

Other Mecha

Chimera Mk.I


Akira Connors: Experimental pilot for the "Linus" Chimera. Calm and collected, if he is given a mission, he will go to the bitter end to complete it. A perfect soldier.

Felecia Arlington: Experimental pilot for the "Lucy" Chimera. A Vital, good-natured, American girl, and probably the most skillful pilot of the three. She is also a violent warrior, and seems to enjoy battle a little too much to be altogether healthy. her personality is completely different inside and outside of battle.

Edward Allen: Experimental pilot for the "Rerun" Chimera. A timid man who never likes to start trouble, as well as an intelligent and gifted engineer and mathematician. He is wholly unsuited for combat, and he begins to grow a disdain for these weapons that he helped to create.

Kraig Werner: Leader of the WM unit charged with tracking down the chimeras. Pilots a customized A.X.E.

Mina Kusagi: Supreme Commander of the Tyrannis faction. When the trouble starts, she at first feels obligated to "bring the troops home" so to speak, but as the show goes on, her motives change to that of obsessive need to one-up Ivanov at every turn, no matter who gets in the way.

Ivanov Slovinski: Supreme Commander of the JEK faction. He appears to Mina in the form of private video calls, where he taunts her and gives her hints. He has no real care for who wins the war. All he cares about is mentally destroying the leader of the Tyrannis army, Mina Kusagi.


The story begins with a team of test pilots, among them are Akira Connors, an American-Japanese coldblooded pilot, Felecia Arlington, a lovely woman and violent warrior from America, and Edward Allen, a timid Englishman, and the youngest and most intelligent among them, testing out the three title mechs. Akira has taken "Linus," Felecia took "Lucy," and Edward is piloting "Rerun."

On a routine testing day, their unit was doing open-air tests, when they were sabotaged by a turncoat inside the lab. He suicide-bombed the laboratory, leaving the three of them, the only survivors, at the mercy of the encroaching JEK forces.

The rest of the story up to a point involves the three of them running from JEK forces, salvaging ammo from their defeated enemies, repairing damage to themselves and their mechs, and intently keeping the three powerful prototype mechs out of JEK hands. Their main adversary is a brash German WM pilot, Kraig Werner, who leads the unit trying to capture them.

Meanwhile, Officials at Tyrannis and JEK are frantically scrambling to track down the lost mechs. This is mostly the project of Supreme Commander Mina Kusagi, and her counterpart on the JEK side, Ivanov Slovinski. The two of them, in their frantic chase to catch up with the running Chimeras, begin to view the players in this drama as less than people, and more like pawns in a great game of chess. As the two people fall into obsession, the war begins to grind to a halt as the focus becomes all about obtaining the powerful weapons.

Ultimately, JEK gets ahold of the waterlogged Chimera Mk.I prototype, and construct their own version, the Mk.XI, called the "Kaiser." The three test pilots, having eventually been found and healed up by the Tyrannis HQ ship, are suddenly charged with going on a mission to shut down the production plant creating the Mk.XI.

The three of them head to the plant. Edward copies down the plans for the Mk.XI for Tyrannis production, and escapes, creating a diversion by self-detonating his mech and escaping in an enemy grunt mech. Felecia has to fight waves and waves of WMs to keep them from reaching Akira, who is setting charges around the factory. She is eventually overtaken and killed. Akira sets the charges, successfully, but is attacked by Kraig in the Kaiser Chimera before he can detonate them. They have an epic fight. Akira, in one last effort, forces Kraig back against the walls of the factory, and locks the Kaiser down with his own mech, gripping into the wall so that neither can move. He then sets the detonator and both mechs and their pilots are destroyed in the explosion.

Meanwhile, Ivanov is having dinner in his hidden home base somewhere in Russia. He is calling Mina one final time. "I see you defeated me. Good girl." His taunts come to an end. Mina has found his base and has ordered a strike on it. Ivanov, satisfied in having destroyed Mina Kusagi thoroughly, looks out his window as the missiles come, sipping wine.

Edward, the lone survivor, takes the plans for the Mk.XI back to Tyrannis, and present them to Commander Kusagi. She is more interested in her victory over Ivanov than the fact that most of the main characters are dead, and even then, she is more disturbed by her dissatisfaction at knowing that Ivanov won in the end. She and Edward have a typical "War is hell, you knew that, good of many outweighs good of few, etc." dialogue, which ends when Edward abruptly shoots Kusagi in the stomach with a concealed gun, killing her. He burns the plans.

War grinds on.

End. (Grim, ain't it?)