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The whoriest whore
Whorechan IMG 8869.jpg

whorechan first posted to /b/ on July 24th, 2006 and was almost immediately banned.


whorechan quickly moved to chanchan with the help of her good friend Curly-chan, and had gained a small but dedicated fanbase consisting of about two hundred thousand people. She is known for her small, low quality cell phone pictures, her blonde hair, her red lipstick, and her aversion towards the caps lock key.

As of 2010 whorechan is a disgusting fatty.


She loves music of all kind, but mainly Japanese punk/rock and hip-hop, plays bass guitar, and has big dreams of being a rockstar some day. She loves wearing high heels and men's cologne. Her favorite movies are Wild Zero, American Psycho, Velvet Goldmine, Blue Spring, 9 Souls and Ichi the Killer. She is rather quiet when she isn't screaming. She enjoys eroguro, and she is addicted to anything mint flavored or scented. Her favorite bands are Merry, Halcali, Plastic Tree, Buck-Tick, Rip Slyme, Rammstein, Queen Adreena, and Thee Michelle Gun Elephant.

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Whorechan is part of a series on

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