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The XBOX IS HUEG meme was formed on /b/ and had remained as a strong meme on 4chan for quite some time. The misspelling of "huge" is intentional. Microsoft's Xbox video game console is larger than its immediate competitors, the Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube, and this size difference was often exaggerated by 4chan users with image macros involving gigantic Xboxes. One of most common Xbox images depicts an Xbox crashing into the Earth like a meteor, leaving a large impact crater (sometimes accompanied by text claiming that this was the event that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs). Another common Xbox image is a size comparison chart of the planets in the solar system, with an Xbox which is even larger than the sun. Word-of-mouth descriptions warned that the Xbox was capable of "crushing small children." Predictably, an image was created that depicted a large Xbox on top of and indeed crushing a little girl. Another incarnation of this meme is an image of a Weightlifter straining, trying to lift an Xbox.

The meme is often photoshopped into comparison charts for objects of incredible size, such as a height chart for Japanese mecha or size chart showing colossal fictional spacecraft. The main form of this variant occurs as a small portion of the Xbox appearing on the chart, implying that the game system is far too large to be seen in its entirety. Any other large object might also be described as "hueg liek Xbox" or just "Xbox hueg" (misspelling optional).

The attention turned to the PS3 for a short while, after it was revealed the 360 was smaller than it's mother console, and that the PS3 was pretty big. The novelty soon wore off though, and XBox was put back in it's place.

Someone from /m/ managed to convey the meaning of this differently, creating "Xbox drop". It was a sequence, beginning with a picture of Zeon mobile suits (models) pushing an Xbox off a bed (literally making the bed some kind of cliff), with several Earth Federation GMs below. The next picture shows the Xbox landed on top of the GMs, with the Zeon mobile suits giving high-fives to themselves, giving the impression that an Xbox drop is worse than a colony drop (with a related motivational poster). Of course, this tells that a drop from an Xbox is deadlier than one from a colony.