Xyphr: The Song of Stars

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The Earth Observational Force is Earth's overall defense force. EOF was created to prevent war from breaking out on Earth between it's major continents. Currently EOF is in an allied truce with The Space force on Mars which is an army composed of the civilians that migrated to Mars in 2032A.D.

Many of EOF's officials are getting into bad terms until the three comets land on Earth. With the Creator's monsters attacking, EOF unites again and attempts to fight these monsters off.


The Space Observing Alliance is the space research branch of EOF and is under the leadership of one man. The alliance is consisted of people around the world as well as the people who migrated to Mars. The initial purpose of SOA was to research space and developing new technology for ways to travel to even farther distances in space. After the arrival of the Comet Eggs and monsters, SOA becomes dedicated to researching the Comet Eggs and the existence of 'The Creator'.

Creator's Creations

The Creator, a rumored large entity that no being in the galaxy has seen. He resides in a Dimensional Void far off in the galaxy that is only accessible via Dimensional Rift. The Comet Eggs carrying the three robots 'escaped' from The Creators void. The Creator has Three Judges that oversee 'justice' in the Galaxy, with a terrifying force of monsters supplied by 'The Creator'.






During the 2112A.D. March 16th Lunar Eclipse, three large comets flew from space and crashed onto Earth's crater, one into the alps, one into the desert, and the youngest near the sea on an island. Shota Kiriyama, a young stubborn yet carefree boy is the first to find the comet at sea and finds the comet cracked open with an alienated looking robot. Soon after, a winged monster about the size of the robot breaks through the atmosphere and crashes to the island with a devastating tremor. Shota stumbles into the mech and learns it's name. The robot talks to Shota and together they fight the monster

Story Plot (raw backbone)

In a dimensional rift/universe, A sole ruler exists, it is The Creator, a rumored large entity that no being in the galaxy has seen. Three comets (eggs) escape from the grasp of The Creator's void and using a dimensional portal, end up outside of Earth's atmosphere in 2112A.D. March 16th during their Lunar Eclipse. The three eggs (super robots) choose a being they meet on Earth to "awaken" and pilot them. Soon after, The Creator sends his lower minions to dispose of the Three eggs, and the first one to fight is the youngest, who meets Shota Kiriyama.

After defeating the monster, ( pilot ) and Xyphr are surrounded by the EOF (Earth's Observational Force) and taken into custody without ( pilot 's consent.

  • Due to certain circumstances, ( pilot ) and Xyphr will join SOA (a special branch of EOF) and meet the other two destined pilots to fight off the endless minion(s) that The Creator keeps sending.


  • There will be two males and one female destined pilot
  • The main plot of the story is "Creation fights to defeat the Creator"
  • Throughout the series after each battle, SOA gets closer to finding out what the three sibling robots really are, and who "The Creator" is.
  • The Creator has Three Judges which the main characters will fight in key spots during the story/series. The tree of command goes

The Creator>Judges>Minions