Yari Kishimoto

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  • Rank: First Lieutenant
  • Age: 25
  • Eyes: Steel Blue
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Description: Yari has a cool air about him. He is a huge contrast to Ken, his squad leader. When the chips get down, he loses his cool and can be just as bad as Ken. His hairstyle is normal with long bangs.
  • Background: Yari was born into a Royal faimly of the country Gyaros. When Gyaros lost the Unification Wars, Yari joined the TDF to spite his parents, who wanted him to join with the ever growing Fire Legion. Even though he was fighting agaisnt his former countrymen, Yari didn't care because he saw their turn to terrorism as weak willed. He was given the Phengos after it was secured by Mai Yamazaki. During the fight against the Yoma, he and Soyo Shima develop a relationship.