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ArcheAge has large variety of mounts that are available to every player. Each race receives a free mount when starting the game, acquired through questing. Additional mounts can be purchased from specific stables for 10 silver coins each. There are three variations available of each mount.

Starter mounts

These are the race starter mounts. Each player receives one through a quest and the rest can be obtained at any time for 10 silver coins each. They are also available from the Vocation Shop, using a Mount Youngster Basket, costing 10000 vocation badges each.

Lilyut Horse 
Wyatt in Solzreed Peninsula / Wardton
Daniela in Aubre Cradle / Ironwrought
Ginemo in Gweonid Forest / Green Lord
Yanami in Arcum Iris / Parchsun Settlement
Tymrey in Falcorth Plains / Cloudgrain
Applecat in Sunbite Wilds / Harani Construction Site

Mounts obtained through other means


  • Black Bear
  • White Bear

Honor Shop

  • Black Arrow (Horse)
  • Stormdarter (Snowlion)

Prestige Shop

  • Cloudstrike Panther

Vocation Shop

All starter mounts are available with Mount Youngster Basket.

  • Donkey (Black, Brown, Grey, White)
  • Heifer

Pet Accessory Workbench

  • Brown Reindeer
  • Candy-fueled Bestcargot (Snail)
  • Carrot Dash (Orange Donkey)
  • Celestial Kitsu
  • Celestial Pegasus
  • Coral (Rabbit)
  • Crimson Lightning (Snowlion)
  • Flaming Soulscar (Tiger)
  • Freezing Soulscar (Tiger)
  • Frost Dragon
  • Fuchsiafin
  • Gweonid Vine Giant
  • Hellwing Pegasus
  • Mirage Bjorne (Bear)
  • Moonfeather Griffin
  • Moonlight Kitsu
  • Royal Griffin
  • Siegeram Taurus
  • Soulmule (Ghost Donkey)
  • Steel Lightning (Snowlion)
  • Steel Lightning (Snowlion)
  • Stormrose (Horse)
  • Stormwing Pegasus
  • Stormwraith Kirin
  • Typhoon Drake
  • Vanhi (Tiger)



  • Yata

Mirage Isle

Login Badge

  • Andelph Patrol Mech
  • Stormrose (Horse)



  • Note: Starter mounts are also available from credit shop
  • Brown Reindeer
  • Donkey (Black, Brown, Grey, White)
  • Kamari
  • Mirage Elk
  • Mirage Leomorph
  • Mirage Lilyut Horse
  • Mirage Snowlion
  • Moonfeather Griffin
  • Yata


  • Royal Griffin

Golden Token

  • Celestial Kitsu
  • Soulmule (Ghost Donkey)
  • Vanhi (Tiger)

Loyalty (Limited)

  • Celestar (Unicorn)
  • Celestial Pegasus
  • Deathmaw (Crocodile)
  • Emberpaw Panther
  • Lunaris (Unicorn)
  • Mr. Mittens
  • Rajani
  • Shayeera
  • Stormwing Pegasus

Dropped by World Boss

Hanure The Hunter

  • Earthen Roar (Tiger)


These mounts may no longer be available through any means.

  • Aquestria
  • Carrot Wings
  • Cyanfin
  • Dread Steed
  • Ebonfur Bjorne
  • Fleetpaw Bjorne
  • Golden Wyvern
  • Manticore
  • Thunder Dash


You receive 1x Gilda Star on completion of every achievement, with some exceptions.

  • The first time you raise a variation.
  • Note: A few mounts do not provide the Gilda Star reward for this achievement.
  • The first time you raise all three variations.
  • The first time a variation reaches level 55.
  • The first time all three variations reach level 55.

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