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Blackbob Niggerpants is a gangster version of SpongeBob Squarepants, made famous in a Flash loop where he's walking down a street with a mean attitude and "Who Da Buckest" by Juicy J blaring in the background. An alternate version plays "She Devil" by TECH N9NE. After being flooded Reidick-style for a long time and generating many complaints from /f/tards, the file was uploaded permanently (not really though since it's not there now) to /f/src/ by the mods. Regardless, edits, counteredits and other spin-offs still get posted to /f/ a lot, mostly to get a rise out of the /f/tards who cannot help but reply to such threads with their hatred and a lot of "zOMG SAGE".

Blackbob Niggerpants was first posted before the middle of 2008. The standard filename is blackbob.swf.

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