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The "Aw Jeez, not this shit again!" macro where headsigh originated

Copypasta, also known as copipe, by retards, is usually a long story or memorable post told by someone in /b/ that gets reposted over and over again, by fans, or to annoy people. These stories are usually from a first person perspective, and detail an event that happened to the original poster recently.

An example of a common story involves a parent catching their son looking at 4chan, and what the parents do in response. Another example is the famous vapor ointment copypasta, where a man describes his experience rubbing vapor ointment on his 12 year old niece's bare chest. Other famous copypasta include Bento Box, orgasmGET, and the Yoshinoya Rant (one of a whole repertoire of "rants" swiped from 2ch, where they're used to insult people who start stupid threads).

Copypasta can also refer to documents which hold the text itself.

Bento Box
This copypasta refers to a request for a Japanese lunchbox by a guy who had such insane and strict demands on its features that it crossed the border into pathetic.
ASCII portraying a man resting his head in his hands, seemingly agonized; based on an older "Aw Jeez, not this shit again!" image macro featuring a real-life man making the same gesture.
Every time I see...
A copypasta introduced to /k/ in December 2007. It quickly became a common troll post, as it was easily adaptable to bash whatever weapon is being discussed in given thread.

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