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Forced and failed memes are the opposite of a meme. Where a meme is generally considered an esoteric in-joke that arises out of its own popularity or appeal, a forced meme is an attempt by someone (or a group of people) to get /b/ to adopt a meme by sheer repetition. By repeatedly posting or "forcing" the would-be meme, a single person or small group tries to give the impression that it has a large following, even though it actually hasn't gained the approval of other /b/tards. Some of the most notorious forced memes are Brian Wilson, Milhouse, Battletoads and Delicious Ron. Most of the time, the /b/tards are pretty adept at sniffing out forced memes, but occasionally one or two succeed. The most successful attempts at forcing a meme are Cover-Tom and Seaking (FUCK YEAH!) which have both been adopted as true memes.

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