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Welcome to Project E.N.I.S., a /m/-original mecha.

Project E.N.I.S originated in the /m/echa section of 4chan. It all began as a project to create a new mecha by adding shapes & components to a single triangle. After only a few parts were added, some Anonymous wrote the word "PENIS" on its chest. But, instead of removing it, the /m/echanoids went along with it and worked the "P" into the design. This left the word "ENIS" on the left part of its chest, thus giving the unit its unique name.

This single thread sparked a wildfire of artistic and literary creations on /m/, with all kinds of /m/-original mecha being created and fleshed out to the great delight of our /m/etalheads.








Audio Dump

Concept Work

Image Dump


Text Dump

Current work

  • Continuing to flesh out the states of the Federation of Allied Planets, to express a diversity of culture and society similar to the real world.
  • Fleshing out the Lion Empire's member states, so that the Super Robots and MOTW represented by these states are unique and dissimilar.
  • Define FAP strategy: Mecha on the ground, planes in the air and space.
  • Define Lion strategy: Invade planets, spearheaded by a Super or MOTW? Supers and MOTW only used in major engagements/rarely?
  • How easy is it for FAP to hold off the Lions? Are they pushed back quickly or slowly? In short, is the war more similar to Halo's UNSC-Covenant war, where mankind is quickly losing its * colonies and completely outmatched on the battlefield, or is FAP able to mount a better defense against the Lions?
  • FAP and Lion fleets: What sort of ships do they have, in addition to Mecha and Supers?
  • Writing the first chapter.

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