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Christi being a whore
Christi pretending she isn't a whore
Christi showing us how much a whore she is

Christi was a real great gal until she started going out with an awesome person from chanchan. After that it turned out that she's a fucking filthy whore and completely fucked up everything she touched.


  • Name: Christi
  • Location: GA
  • DOB: November 28
  • Relationship Status: Slut-tastic.


Christi had a long history of delivering the goods. This occured mostly on Stickam through video caps. Even while being in a long term relationship two masturbation videos surfaced. Being the giant whore that she is, she would also have phone sex with anyone who called her pretty. She fucked two other guys before breaking up with her boyfriend (who moved on and started improving his life immediately afterwards), and tried to get some guys from chanchan to hook up with her, or send pics in return for the whore pics she would link everyone to.


  • AIM: Lion Car Etc

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