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This information below will help you contact people who can potentially give you support for sites belonging to the LURKMORE Group.

LURKMORE Group community

CHANCHAN, CHANSLUTS, Male General, TranCHAN, intern3ts, TEXTCHAN, Fuxx Us, penetrate you, and possibly more!

Contact Information


  • site-help @ or or or and so on.
  • aim:yzzzyy

  • j-kun @
  • aim:57494344

  • noodlekommand69 @ (TranCHAN only)
  • aim:Noodlekommand69 (TranCHAN only)

You can connect to IRC right now, without any extra setup. Visit the webchat page for LURKMORE IRC, enter any username and the channel you want to join (#chanchan or #malegeneral). That's it, you're ready to chat.

File Removal Requests

Use your brain and contact the correct address for your problem.

Personal communications are never shared.

Deleting your own thread

You posted and now you want to get rid of it? Did you bother looking at the page while you were on it, before you started creating a pool of feces on your chair? Do you see the checkbox beside your posts? Do you see that pretty box on the bottom right of the page with the title "Delete Post"? Try using it.

If that doesn't work, or you already tried that (and it didn't work), email

Apologize for wasting our time, and provide proof of who you are (a simple verisigned picture, which includes a timestamp and "<3 chansluts", will suffice).

Personal information

If you see personal information posted on any of our sites, please contact us to have it removed.


Child pornography spam or other disgusting material

You really have to ask why this is important? If you see this nasty shit, email us immediately (or get us on IRC / AIM).


DMCA Notices (content you own)

You must send a properly formatted notice with actual proof that the materials are yours.