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Curly-chan is a loli camwhore who first posted on /b/ and was crowned a -chan the evening of July 24th, 2006. She attained her own CHANCHAN board on the 27th.


  • Alias: Curly-chan
  • Name: She pretends to keep it a secret.
  • DOB: April 17, 1992
  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Pets: Four kitties, a betta fish and a chinchilla.


Curly-chan, she's the devil

She was dubbed Curly-chan because she has CURLY HAIR LOL, and is best known for her pastel pink retro-looking glasses and highly entertaining photo narration. She's kinda chubby but it's apparently endearing, and suspects people go "CURLY IS THE FUNNIEST CHAN" because they don't want to call her fat. A longtime /b/tard, she is pretty much ruined for life at such a young age, and fancies herself a cross between Rabbit-chan and Loli-chan plus some glasses and a Sharpie Mexican.

Curly-chan was best friends with whorechan.

Some time in September 2009 (around the 13th) she was recognized in real life by some kids in a park. She promptly freaked out and thought she could remove info she left on the internet.


  • AIM: OMG Romantic

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Curly-chan is part of a series on

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