Delicious Ron

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In the fury of users frantically attempting to grab the "2MILLION GET" for themselves (and coincidentally flooding the board with utter crap, even by /b/ standards), the two millionth post was a no-name camwhore who was attempting to "make a name for himself" by not only signing his post (a ridiculous practice, even when FORCED_ANON was enabled), but by posting a useless picture of himself holding up a notepad with the words "2,000,000 GET" on it. The post was signed Delcious sic? Ironing. The post was immediately deleted, and three users began spreading the rumor that the GET was actually an image of a middle-aged man, who signed his post asking about "adult fun" at his "country club". Photoshopping this image onto an actual screenshot of the get, and further doctoring the screenshot to read Delicious Ron, managed to confuse newcomers and people who missed the actual post.

The users who were spamming this disinformation held strongly to the belief that WTSnacks was "hiding the truth" from the posters and in retaliation Snacks modified the SQL database to automatically append all posts made by these individuals with a message displaying their IP addresses. Immediately the userbase realized that it was a mere three people spreading this "Delicious Ron" meme and completely disregarded it.