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Species Lions
Biology Humanoid
Homeworld Pride
Population 650,173,250,000
Government Monarchy
Super Robot / Monster Crush Engine, RAEP

The Lions are the main antagonists in the Project ENIS universe. Controlling a galaxy-spanning empire with hundreds of client and slave races beneath them, they are the most powerful force in the galaxy. Under their supreme leader, Emperor Kijani, they have grown from a few small star systems near the galactic rim to a massive conglomeration of various species extending to the impenetrable edge of the galactic core in less than three hundred years.

Their homeworld Pride is a cold world of great savannahs and giant oceans. Much of its mineral wealth has been exhausted, and before the time of Kijani life was a constant struggle.

History from 2009

No one in the Lion Empire knows that this is their second great space empire. More than six millenia ago, the Lion Empire had risen from a vicious civil war to become the New Lion Empire, and expanded from a few star systems to a galaxy-spanning hegemony similar to the Roman Empire. This Pax Leo eventually came into conflict with another galactic power, the Moot Dynasty of the Anon species. Both empires were destroyed through cataclysmic war; the Lions were forced back into the Stone Age while the Anons scattered across the galaxy in giant Dyson Sphere ships and lost contact with one another.

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