Guitar Ninjas

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You will never be as epic as this picture.

Started off with an Anonymous who created a "what I saw/what I expected/what I got" review image[1] for Princess Tutu. In the "what I expected" panel, the creator merged a picture of Kinomoto Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura and a Russian ballerina. The surprise came in the "what I got" panel, where there was a picture of two ninjas fighting each other with guitars (or jamming out, it's ambiguous as to which is which. Some believe it is the best of both worlds and that it is of two ninjas duking it out with the power of rock.). These presence of these "Guitar Ninjas" struck many Anonymous as absurd, but most Princess Tutu viewers assured the skeptical that they were real, and curiosity only swelled after the reposting of a critically acclaimed AMV, "Hold Me"[2]. While most agree, no ninjas actually appear in the series, viewers came to accept the picture as an astute metaphor for the epic second season. "Guitar Ninjas" is now associated with something unexpectedly epic, and Anonymous frequently uses descriptions like "the ninjas are tuning their guitars" to forshadow points when Princess Tutu crosses the threshold into amazing.


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