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#lurkmore on, port 6667-6669, TLS port 7000-7002
lurkmore webirc
file sharing / 24 hour upload 
lurkmore uguu
personal bookmark and archive service
lurkmore wallabag
paste bin 
lurkmore pasthis
search engine 
lurkmore searx
google translate proxy 
lurkmore simplytranslate
pleroma / activitypub, federated / distributed social networking 
lurkmore BANE POST
instagram proxy 
lurkmore bibliogram
reddit proxy 
lurkmore teddit
twitter proxy 
lurkmore nitter
youtube proxy 
lurkmore invidious
quotes database 
lurkmore qdbs
internet radio 
lurkmore radio
lurkmore teamspeak server
lurkmore mumble server (currently offline)
lurkmore minetest server