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This page is a roundup of all memes and terms. Please expand it and also help move entries to their own pages!
Contents: &, ?, *, # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

&, ?, *, #

* is the cancer that is killing /*/.
/*/ is that way
/d/ is for dickgirls
20 Minutes Never Forget
3x faster
4chan DIES
404 girl
4chan meme committee
4chan Party Van
612 Topics of Pain


A master is out
Aishiteruze Baby
Akanishi Jin
Alexander Rybak
Alot of things.
A simple reply to a question posed on the Cooking and Food board (/ck/) asking if there was any difference between Weetabix and Weetabix Gold. Quickly caught on, now used as an "I'm not sure" response if the question posed has possibly many answers. This is the first meme ever originating from /ck/.
All of Cosine's vaginas look horribly infected
Angry Marines
An Hero
Andy Sweetie
Anonymous does not forgive
Anonymous-Tripfag Wars
AOL Police
April Furs Day
Are they still on Namek?
Atari Dumbledore
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Avril Lavigne
Azumanga Daioh


Backwards Time Universe
Balki Bartokomous, a character from the 80s sitcom "Perfect Strangers" became a meme after a user posted an image macro of him with the text, "Don't be ridikulus!" on /b/. The quote was his catchphrase from the show, and the Balkiroll has even turned out to be a welcomed alternative to the Duckroll.
Barrel Roll
Bart, get out! I'm piss!
Ben 10
Bible Black
Bel-Air, Fresh Prince of
Bento Box
Big Boss
A picture of a person who doesn't know about the timer function of a camera taking a picture of himself wearing a shirt saying aforementioned phrase. Has been photoshopped to hell and back.
Bix Nood
Blackbob Niggerpants
Blank check
Blender Baby
Yet another meme based off of a Waita Uziga manga. Much the same as "BABY FUCK", but instead the baby is put into a blender. Which is then turned on.
Blue Ozzy
Bob Ross
Break the support disk
Brian Wilson


Captain Jack
A user that spammed /b/ furiously in 2005. Known for shopping the image of Captain Jack into various images on /b/. Appeared occasionally afterwards, but has disappeared.
Centipedes, in my vagina?
Challenger appears
A term frequently used in /cgl/ as a response to a cosplay with a picture the poster considers superior. If the response is considered a failure, it will be countered with a "Challenger fails. Please insert coins to continue." Alternative is "Superior."
Cheer up, emo kid
Child Abduction
Chii turns on, Chii turns off
Chikane Himemiya
Chris Benoit
Christmas Chan
Brought love and happiness to a group of depressed /b/tards in their time of need. God bless you Christmas Chan.
Chuck Norris jokes
While not originating from 4chan, the jokes were at one point popular. Now the jokes are considered juvenile and anybody making a Chuck Norris joke are immediately looked down upon.
(c)Jax, © Jax
Cock goes where?
Is usually photoshopped onto pictures of people with their mouths open.
Cool Dude
Cosmic T-Rex
Cute, not pedo
Cyber Buddy


Dash Billions
Deliberately broken links
Delicious Cake
Delicious Ron
Dennis Ferguson
Depeche Mode
A popular 80's techno group who are not gay, they are a meme on 4chan. Also known as Depeche Meme or Sinep Doem. They have appeared throughout various threads ususally comming in at the least suspectful time.
Dental Plan
Another radio station, similar to /b/radio, but its focus is Jpop and other anime music. Known and loved for its "weeaboo weekends".
Devil Machine
Did you mean bane?
Disaster Kid
Dividing by Zero
I've given you a blank check, go crazy.
Don't mess with football
Donut Penis
Double Princess
DRR... DRR... DRR...
Duckroll Warning System
The original meme of gif. Which always had gifs of accidents and other misfortunes that happen to people but super impose a floating Patrick Duffy head with glowing eyes that shoot laser beams, and balls of energy which makes it look like Duffy is the cause of the mayhem.


Emo MySpace Guy
Enjoy your AIDS
Enough is enough, I've had it with these snakes
Euphemia Li Britannia
A well known anime. Generates much drama, particularly on /a/, when mentioned between the fans and haters of the series (both groups being extremely vocal in their opinions). These drama sessions invariably degenerate into a massive hatefest. See also Gendo and Rei-chan.
Excuse me wtf r u doin
Every repost is repost repost.


A locomotive that is considered "Awesome" and has been used to troll Fchan by posting random photos of them. Although it is thought to have started on 7chan, 1chan claims responsibility for this meme. Some 4chaners now state that Friday is now F40PH Friday replacing furry Friday. The F40PH has also been edited into other memes or just shopped in odd and funny ways.
Used as a noun in the place of "failure".
Noise made during male masturbation. Fap fap fap fap Originated in a translation of the manga "Heartbreak Angels"; it was then popularized in the web comic Sexy Losers by clay (contrary to popular belief, it did not originate there), and has since spread to the entire Internet.
A meme started in /o/ that is frequently used to tell off people obsessed with the Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex (AE86, the car driven by the main character Takumi Fujiwara in the popular anime Initial D) who think it is the greatest car in the world. Sometimes changed to tell off ricers who post pictures of their car in /o/ in the forms of "LEDS MAKE YOUR CAR GO FASTER", etc.
Force Push
An animated gif that begins with a scene from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, where Obi-Wan Kenobi is fighting battledroids, then turns and performs a force push towards the screen. The picture then cuts to another scene where a person or object suddenly falls or is sent flying. A newer meme usually found on /gif/.
Forced Anonymous
Forced meme
Four Chan Magazine
Francesca Dani
Another drama-inducing cosplayer that's usually hated on /cgl/. She's highly criticized for buying costumes off of eBay and claims that she did them all by herself. Threads about her are suspiciously deleted before they are due.
The former moderator/administrator of furry imageboard Fchan, and one of /b/'s greatest foes due to his lack of caring about how much fun /b/ makes of him and his furry fetish. Is considered a major troll. Full name is Sage Freehaven.
A tripfag on /a/ well-known for his harsh criticism of countless anime and general hard-to-please attitude. Loved by some, hated by others. Also a self-admitted lolicon - he can be found on /l/ on occasion. Went missing around the beginning of 2006 for unknown reasons and reappeared two months later.
Fuck Socks
A picture from an H-game had a guy sticking his dick in a girl's thigh-high stocking while fingering her. Saying "I want to fuck her socks" is related to "I'd hit it". Not seen too often.
FUCK THAT! You're going home!
Short for "fucking retard".
A forced meme, also known as Lazyeye to some, which started appearing on /b/, and 7chan. He is mostly noticed for his lasy eye, or his apperence.

Used when a particularly awesome/funny/hot image is posted on /b/. Originates from the popular /b/ MSPaint comics. The one in question refers to the "20 minutes" facade on /b/, as well as WT Snack's relinquishing of his mod powers. WT Snacks is browsing /b/, and is at first shocked to see CP on the board. He then looks joyful as he saves the image and shouts in joy "FUKKEN SAVED". Now FUKKEN SAVED is used when ever Child Porn is posted.


Gaijin 4koma
George Zimmer
Gender Verification
The Gender Verification meme was started the week of August 14th, 2006. The most common use of this meme is "WE DEMAND GENDER VERIFICATION," but the creators have modified it to "WE DEMAND A BARREL ROLL AND GENDER VERIFICATION." It has also been seen as "PROOF OF GENDER REQUIRED." It is meant as a replacement/supplement to the TITS OR GTFO meme. It is normally used regarding Stickam raids, but can be used anytime a picture of a girl is posted. It first began appearing from other members on /b/ the week of August 20th, 2006, and is slowly gaining popularity.
Gendo Ikari
"Leader" of the Habbo invasions during the months of February, March and June 2006. Last seen training nigras and coordinating experienced pool /b/lockers for the planned 9/11 raid, however after the hacking of his whereabouts are unknown. Known for his temporary lack of an afro, as the mods shaved it during 7/12/06 (Never Forget).
/b/tards hold some interest in paranormal phenomena. So-called "ghost pictures", which claim to point out spirits in photographs, are not taken too seriously, though. Images with red arrows pointing where the supposed "ghost" is are often ridiculed.
Giant Enemy Crab
Gay Nigger Association of America. An infamous Internet troll group that has targeted 4chan on occasion. They seem to be connected with on many levels. Famously "got" All8GET, and once almost shut down 4chan through furious and unrepentant spamming. Despite this history, some /b/tards consider them allies for raids.
Goddamn Batman, The
Good Naruto, you look kind of cool
Green Lantern
Strange and humorous drawn image of Green Lantern's face -- Hal Jordan, specifically. Often posted at random, or used to express shock or surprise at other posts; due to the expression of the character's face. Was posted in great numbers in early 2006; a notable example being the "Night of 100 Lanterns," in which the same image of Green Lantern was posted one-hundred or more times in a single thread, and then spammed copiously across the entirety of /b/. Source of original image is the cover of Green Lantern #35 (March 1965), it was first posted in /b/ in early 2006.

Grieving Jew
A picture of a Jew grieving. Forced meme in October 2006, generally by spamming one long thread with hundreds of copies of the image.
A group of 4channers that played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas online together with the tag [4chan] in front of their names. While this wasn't a clan it was more like a smaller community where 4channers gathered and played and had fun together. The community died after their allies [PHW] betrayed them and banned them from their shared server causing GTA[4chan]'s leader Rho to disappear shortly thereafter. If you ever ran into another 4channer in the online gaming world you had to spell out the phrase "JESUS CHRIST IT'S A LION GET IN THE CAR!" followed by both 4channers running towards the nearest car to drive off.


Oft used intentional misspelling of "hate". A /b/tard will never spell "hate" properly, instead preferring this intentional misspelling. Often seen in the phrase (Blank) HAET (Blank), mostly seen as, but not restricted to, "LOLI HAET PIZZA", but seen in variants all over the board. Also see as LOEV.
HA HA HA! Oh, wow
Hal Jordan
Happy Negro
A codeword used when /z/ was attempting to overthrow /b/; Is often used as a synonym of 'penis'. See also Soviet Russia, /z/.
Hawaiian Punch
On the Something Awful forums, there was a thread called "Make Porn Worksafe", and it consisted of people photoshopping, you guessed it, porn so as to make it "safe for work." Penetrations were covered, the nude were clothed, and penises were replaced with numerous things, the most popular being cans of Hawaiian Punch.
A common post that appears randomly in threads most of the time, but it's used humorously in threads which contain a flood of images, a serious debate, or any thread which generates an obvious amount of attention.
The slogan of an anti-headache medicine called Head On, which, unsurprisingly, is applied to the forehead to take effect. Spammed furiously on /b/ on 17th July 2006, probably by one or two people. A good example of an unsuccessful forced meme.
Healthy Girl
Any athletic or muscular girl, live-action or drawn. More generally, any girl who is well-built and does not appear either waifish or anorexic nor morbidly obese. Like most kinks, it is loved and hated in equal amounts on /e/, /h/, /s/, and /d/. The most well-known healthy girl (and the one largely responsible for the meme) is Tamaki Kousaka aka Tama-nee from To Heart 2, whose name can also be read in Japanese as "healthy girl" (ironically, during the course of the game she gets sick and the player character has to take care of her).
/b/ seems to have a very special relationship with Hitler. Most /b/tards tend to see Hitler either as "jolly, warm-hearted German fuhrer", "Emo-Hitler" or "crusher of all Jew scum". The relation to Hitler becomes even more of a parody if you see /b/s huge love for "communism hacks" (red board style, Russian music).
Hive Mind
meme that started in /o/. A frequent user, GSX, had his mother purchase hoodpins for his car (Mitsubishi Ecplise GSX). Versions of this are "hoodpinz, hoodpinz, lol" or "hoodpins give you 50 horsepower each". Once /o/'s favorite meme, it is rarely reposted anymore.
hope u got 10bux
From the Something Awful forums, refers to the cost of re-registering a banned account. Used to mean "you're about to get banned", usually ironically.
Hopkin Green Frog
A collection of close-ups of the skin of an unknown sickly person, characterized by wan skin covered with an abundance of gaping sores.
Hot Blood
Hotaru Freak/Hotaru Guy/Hotaru Maniac
Doctor House will devour your soul.
A relatively new medical drama on FOX. The show stars Greg House, a board-certified diagnostician with a double speciality in infectious disease and nephrology. The show is most known for being 92% awesome and the picture of Dr. House giving a creepy stare. Also, it isn't lupus. [1] [2] [3]

how do I ge
how do I ge
Random nonsense posted in any thread as spam similar to DESU. First appeared on 2006, June 28. Origin is a post made in /b/ with the final question, "how do I ge", cut short. Spammed for over an hour in every thread by many Anonymous until the rest of /b/ started asking if it was now a meme, because 4chan is made up of 12 year old morons. Though it is now rare is can still be found, used for trolling, along with the occasional image macros and mixed meme posts.
How do I shot web?
How does a polar bear know what apples is?
Fairly successful forced meme on /b/ posted in early 2007 accompanied by the tagline "I'm going to post this picture every day until you like it." Consisted of a picture of a polar bear gnawing at a block of ice that had several apples frozen in it (a so-called 'enrichment' toy to give an animal something to do for a while). One of the first replies was "How does a polar bear know what apples is?" since polar bears are Arctic creatures whose main diet consists of fish and not fruit. Later expanded to include a picture of the polar bear staring down a dog, shopped to include the words "DOG HELP ME GET APPLES". Also seen as "How does polar bear know what thermodynamics is?"
How can you bitch about something you can't see?
We found a way.


i am a nigra
I came
See "Fap" and "I'd hit it". In Japanese "キタ" (although technically the correct translation would be "??"), usually accompanied by a Shift_JIS character.
I'd hit it.
Describes something as "fuckable". Occasionally substituted with "I'd tap it". Incorrectly used in a famous McDonald's advertising campaign in the US.

Local meme started on /tg/. Someone posted a series of short narratives involving a Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Space Marine by the charming name of Kharn the Betrayer, with each story involving Kharn doing something more and more awesome, and generally involving him killing his own troops in the process. These included stabbing a nuclear warhead into a fellow Space Marine's rotting stomach and throwing him at an enemy city, and planting a meltabomb on a hijacked dropship, and informing the unfortunate guys flying the dropship via a haiku made from the corpses of those he killed hours earlier. The final story involved Kharn walking up to an Imperial Guard Commissar, tearing him in half, and then putting on his nifty little Commissar cap, before bellowing "I'M THE NEW COMMISSAR!" From that point on, nearly every 40k character on /tg/ has had a Commissar cap shopped onto them, with that line being repeated.
An unpopular meme featuring the image of a NYC fireman with a seemingly oversized hat, accompanied by the caption "I DEMAND A SMALLER HAT," first posted in late December 2005. At first this attempt at a forced meme was ridiculed, but soon additional images of people with big hats were being posted. Variations of the caption included "MY HAT IS TOO SMALL" and "I DEMAND A SHORTER HAT," the latter accompanying a picture of Napoleon Bonaparte. The ephemeral craze was over in less than a day's time, but the original image is still occasionally posted.
I have reported you to AOL for stealing pictures, as it is a crime.
I hope to see you in fall semester, Mike.
I like where this thread is going.
Usually a sarcastic comment directed at threads that are about to degenerate into flamewars, or which already have. A related image macro shows a cargo ship sailing toward a massive storm. Occasionally used in a positive sense, particularly when hot porn is posted or camwhores have shared their TITS rather than GTFOing.
Minor meme based on the common Internet acronym LOL (laugh out loud). Related to an image macro of He-Man villain Skeletor, with his head thrown back in laughter. Spread to the O RLY owl and Agent Smith among others. Some thought it hit a new low with a shop of coffins from Iraq with "I LOL'D" copiped on it.

Phrase accompanying any image having to do with America, often attached at the end of a sarcastic quip about said nation.
I Really Like Beer
A quote from the movie Ultraviolet which had become popular on /b/.
After a 4channer got banned from a GTA:San Andreas online server for the use of the tag [4chan] in front of his nick with the (ignorant and wrongly accused) reason "All 4channers are cheaters and you've stolen your clan name from a Ventrilo clan! I wish to converse with your leader". The rest of 4chans GTA community thought this was funny and a smaller meme was born. When the server admin refused to lift the ban and said that should he ever see any 4channers on his server again, he wouldn't hesitate to ban them too, along with several insults towards 4chan. When the news hit /b/ an invasion was imminent on the GTA:SA server and its forum. This caused them both to be closed down for a small time.
I'm a ______, btw
/tv/ Meme. _____ can be anything from Boy or Girl to Charlee Sheen. Also can be "I'm from ____, btw". Variations may include "And" in front of it.
I'm in ur base killin ur d00ds
Originated on In the Games forum, someone posted a thread about a Starcraft game in which he had totally owned some poor sod. There was a screenshot of the tard saying "where are you?" and the guy replying "im in ur base, killin ur doodz". The gist of the thread is that the guy who said it ended up losing or something, so it was poetic justice, or whatnot.
Image macro
In before
Interbutt, Intraweb, Internets, etc
Sarcastic terms for the Internet. Created in reference to various n00bish mistakes.
Internet. Serious Business.
I really do hope you're trolling and not actually that fucking retarded.
Minor (anti)meme on /dis/ started by the same fuck who flooded /b/ with Kurt Cobain images. Usually replied to with "I really do hope you're retarded and not fucking a troll." Used in /dis/ posts when a poster thinks the thread-starter is an unintentional troll.
I see what you did there.
Is it can be * tiem nao plees?
Is this a dancing anime?
Is this loli?
Is this Mecca?
It's 25 posts away.
The famous post that was 6.2M GET. It was in answer to a question posed by another user as to when 6.2M GET was. Many users said that this was a TIME PARADOX and labelled it a meme.
It's over. [Insert product/place/person] is finished.
Stands for "In This Thread", where the original poster makes a thread with a picture theme. While frequently used for requests outside of /r/, it is also often used legitimately, with the thread starter posting mulitple pics of the stated theme.


Jack Sparrow
One day, someone posted a picture in /b/ of a cartoon Jack Sparrow saying, "ALL RIGHT, FUCK THIS SHIT MATEYS, I'M OUTTA HERE". The next two posts beneath it showed the picture of Jack Sparrow sliding out of the image box, leaving a blank white image. Three more posts followed with the blank white box. Then a picture of Jack Sparrow facing the other way was posted next with, "WHOOPS, FORGOT MY HAT". This was widely accepted as one of the funniest posts on 4chan in a long time, and "WHOOPS, FORGOT MY HAT" has been repeated numerous times, though some /b/tards see these repeats as derivative and worn-out. Jack has been seen dueling with Barbossa, running from the Kraken, and marrying a Mudkip. During this time now, it is considered to be a forced meme
Jack Sparrow Dies
Jack Spicer
A particularly pathetic attempt at creating a new meme involving Jack Spicer of Xiaolin Showdown.
Jake J. Brahm
In December 2005, moot decided to add "janitors" to /a/, /k/ and /v/ to help stem the flow of crappy posts without having to bring in more mods. Janitors can delete posts for violating the rules, but unlike mods they can't ban people. Due to the obvious impossibility of nominating Anonymous, only Tripcode users could be nominated to be janitors. Obviously, not found on /b/. Janitors have since been expanded to most if not all boards, and are no longer nominated by 4chan users (meaning that Anonymous now is eligible).
Common catch-phrase in discussions of anime in which a Japanese character is for no logical reason stronger, faster, or smarter than other, non-Japanese characters, or in which Japan or a fictional nation clearly derived from it is inexplicably the dominant power in the world. Basically, every anime ever made.
Jay Naylor
Jelly Rolls
Common response to a thread featuring Yomi from the anime Azumanga Daioh. Yomi, slightly pudgy, is highly self conscious about her weight and is teased by her friend Tomo for being fat despite her having a normal enough body shape; the full version of the meme is "JELLY ROLLS (line break) JELLY ROLLS (line break) NOBODY LOVES YOU". Since Yomi is a fan favorite, especially in /e/, this is occasionally adapted by her fans from "NOBODY LOVES YOU" to "EVERYBODY LOVES YOU". See also: Azumanga Daioh.
Jeremy Bernal
/b/ appears to have an obsession of taking images of Jesus and Photoshopping speech bubbles onto them. It is only funny when Jesus ends his sentence with "lol". An example of one such image is a picture of Jesus knocking on a door and the guy behind the door going "who is it?" and Jesus going "It's Jesus, lol". There is also an image of Jesus decked out in bling. See also Raptor Jesus.
Jesus Yamato
Juggernaut Bitch, The
Jun Watarase
Just as Planned


Kaede Fuyou
An overweight Asian-Canadian girl who looks very much like a fat Emo boy. The pictures of her usually seen are one of her eating a piece of pocky, or just random face shots. Her posts usually begin with "Dear /b/." And she tells about her sex life, she also asks others to poke fun at her by saying "Feel free to stab me with a harpoon." None of the posts are usually made by the girl in the picture, just an imposter pretending to be her; Confirmed to be her two-faced girlfriend or someone acting like HER as well. More than likely a short-lived meme/failed meme attempt.
The King
meme involving Burger King's mascot. Usually posted with "Where is your God now?" or "YOU GONNA GET RAPED", since the King looks like he's insane and may well try to have it HIS way.
A female 4channer who originally gained notoriety posting pictures of herself in /s/ with "donate 2 4chan" written across her chest in an aid to "DONATE OR DIE WEEK 2005". As with other females doing the same, her thread got stickied and she since became a much loved/hated figure among the citizens of /s/ as she continues to provide them with new pictures. On the 15th, the sticky was deleted and a ban on all camwhores in /s/, included ksqueeks, was issued. Although later rescinded, this led to the establishment of ksqueeks' old website making her the only 4chan camwhore with a real website. Lives with her cats Marvin, Beecher, David and Gary in her flat full of anime/video game stuff.
Kill it with fire
An expression of outrage, especially appropriate where furry porn or hideously ugly people are involved.
Koizumi Itsuki
Old meme originally involving the eating of felines by our Korean friends. Later, overused and worn out, it transformed into any three word phrase with "eat" in it, such as "BANDWIDTH EAT 4CHAN". It is worth noting that Koreans actually do eat dog regularly, cat is not as popular (although it tastes similar to pork). Also the name of a band on


Lamprey mouth
Lampreys are parasitic fish which, when viewed close-up, show a sucker-shaped mouth filled with dozens of razor-sharp teeth. Lamprey mouths were Photoshopped onto fingers, and were displayed together with Lotus Boobs (below) as part of a double-pack of images intended to make the viewer squirm. Still one of the creepiest images ever posted on /b/.
One of the epic meme's initiated around the time the movie hackers was released. Whenever any thread involving police or the FBI was posted, it was suggested that the poster launch the davinci virus to thwart the authorities. Usually posted with the vitruvian man [4]
A website for the state of Arizona which has a comic section which include one-liners such as "Tommy, you're permanently expelled!" and "Even the passenger gets in trouble". There are frequent threads on /b/ for edits of these comics which interfere with the natural order and makes the comics even funnier.
Shitty, as a result of a now-inactive wordfilter in /b/ that replaced "legendary" with "shitty". As a result, threads filled with faggotry and fail tend to be called a "legendary thread". The only one with the power to officially declare a thread legendary is moot, which he did once when someone posted a story about how they spoiled a Harry Potter book to two teenagers and they burst into tears. Everything else is merely "epic".
See also: QUALITY.
Lenny Leonard
Let's Order Linguini
A small meme originating from an Australian episode of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" where one of the first questions was to define the commonly used internet acronym "LOL". Let's Order Linguini was the most ridiculous and therefore memorable of the false options. Furthermore, it should be noted that the contestant in question had to use his 'ask the audience' lifeline to answer the question - and while over 60% of the audience steered him true, there was in fact a portion that thought Linguini was the way to go. Silly Australians.
A white circle with a right side up >:3 in it and a speech bubble with the caption "RAWR I'M A LION!." Lion showed up in early 2006 with the lion image and it went with the saying "JESUS CHRIST IT'S A LION GET IN THE CAR!" and the very first thread was very popular among /b/ with many shops of the lion face on 4chan memes, lion pictures, and other stuff. Lion was posted many more times in the following months and eventually lion and JESUS CHRIST IT'S A LION GET IN THE CAR! became a part of /b/ and you'll never look at a lion or >:3 the same way ever again.
The meme has had slight crossover to /a/ referencing Fate Stay Night and pictures of Saber with lions.
Listen to my Song!
Lisa Needs Braces
Listen to this man
Usually said while quoting a post that offers horrible advice, i.e.:
"Go into C: and delete your system32 folder."
"^Listen to this man."
/f/ meme. The file does not actually contain loli cat girls at all, but nonetheless is posted under the [H] tag. The music used in the file is "I Wish (Skazi Remix)" by Infected Mushroom/Skazi.
Is usually said to be based on a typo of "LOL I hate pizza", though it probably spawned from an earlier image macro that said "Loli hate (or possibly haet) PENIS";. Was immediately shopped into an image macro and has persisted as a meme. Variations now abound, including LOEV (love) replacing HAET when necessary. Also spawned "LOLI LOEV PEDO", which seems to be more prevalent.
lol internet
The 100,000th post of /b/. Completely off topic and in some useless thread, it foiled the plans of bt to gain the 100,000th post. He attempted with an image of "100,000" but received post number 99,999. After calling himself a failure at the internet, he said he was going to commit suicide. "LOL Internet" (capitalization optional) however, has become a popular meme.[5]
lol wut?
An expression commonly used on /b/ to signify either confusion as to the meaning of a thread or alternatively as a means to mark the thread as nonsense.
Lotus seed
A genre of shock images wherein a picture of a human or part of the human anatomy is photoshopped to appear riddled with pits or holes containing seeds of the lotus flower. The original and most famous is "Lotus Tit"/"Lotus Boob".
Lust penis


Mad Stan
Man the harpoons!
Reply towards pictures of fat people. Most popular at /cgl/.
Marcus the Hedgehog
A 20 year old Babyfur whose badly drawn, morally-uplifting comic strips caused quite a stir on /b/. Each comic centers around his alter-ego, Marcus the Hedgehog, who appears to be a green-and-brown Sonic the Hedgehog dressed in Ash Ketchum's clothing. /b/ ran a legendary raid on his Deviantart on October 15, 2006, utterly destroying him and causing him to temporarily leave the internet. The raid consisted of 82 original works of art depicting Marcus in various violent and sexual situations. These were created in MSPaint, and uploaded to a new Deviantart account under the name "Marcusbarcus." This page got over 18,000 hits in it's single day of existence, and was eventually banned. Marcus is a relatively new meme, but is already quite well known in /b/ and /v/, where the comics were originally posted.
Matthew Graves
An insane revolutionary cloned many times beyond reason. He was born out of a possible trolling of a post from /f/ featuring a picture of Tifa with huge stars over her tits. What started as an idiotic request for the uncensoring of the flash grew into an overnight revolution, with many Anonymous converting to the Matthew Graves cult. During late hours he and his clones would rant about the evils of censorship, the virtues of Tifa, or the status of his rocket ship that he is building with his brother (Frances Graves). This caused widespread anarchy across /b/, forcing the censor technicians to ban him and his followers.
All aspiring members of 4chan, especially /b/, are required to sit through at least 35 seconds of Or, if said aspirant prefers something else, he can either Google image search for "goatse" or go to
Medieval Macros
Olde English image macros of existing memes created using the Historical Tale Construction Kit. New medieval macros show up from time to time as new memes and in-jokes appear, though nothing has yet matched the original flood when /b/ first discovered them.
From the Transformers movie. Did for Optimus Prime what "KHAAAAAANNNN!!!" did for James T. Kirk, internet-notoriety-wise. A Flash loop featuring the "YOU MAKE KITTY SCARED" cat screaming "MMMEEEEGGGAAATRRROOONNNNNUUUHHH" became quite popular on /f/, resulting in a further parody where the line is edited into the opening sequence for the TV show Law and Order. A minor /f/ meme.
meme Money
A "real life" meme in which members of 4chan's /b/ write common memes or "sup /b/" on their local currency before putting it back into circulation. Most members of 4chan agree that it does not matter what country the meme money is from. Recent controversy arose due to some members writing the actual url for /b/. Some members of /b/ feel that this contribution to meme money will attract unwanted members and/or get 4chan unwanted attention by some goverments.
Metal Gear - Fight of Metal Gears
Michael J. Fox _________. Because of Parkinsons.
A recent addition to the massive meme flood of /b/, based on the degenerative disease held by the once and perhaps still popular TV and movie star.
Midnight Snacks
A failed attempt at creating a new meme involving Milhouse of the Simpsons. Included a photoshop of the 'I laugh at your dick' Sakura as Milhouse.
Milhouse is not a meme.
True, Milhouse is not a meme. But "Milhouse is not a meme" IS a meme. If you fully understand this you have reached /b/ enlightenment.
Mirror Image
"Mirror image" pictures created by taking half of an image and mirroring it to the other side (even using MS Paint, it only takes a few seconds). Usually done with faces, producing results that are symmetrical but often quite freakish. The meme was naturally taken further by including mirrorring multiple times in the same image, which usually fucks it up so severely that it's impossible to recognize the source image. Also known as UNITTINU
Misa Campo
New meme in /s/, which arose from an annoying repost seemingly by the same troll looking for a source. Most requests for a source now are typically attributed to her.
A request for more of whatever has been posted. The typo seems to be mandatory. Occasionally the opposite "LESS" is seen, equivalent to DO NOT WANT.
A catlike ShiftJIS art creature invented on 2ch. Name is derived from his standard comment, "Omae monaa" (You too!). Has many other ShiftJIS friends such as "Shii" and "Giko Cat". Monar and his catchphrase are used on 2ch in much the same way that "NO U" is used on 4chan.
A meme in which "MonyToen" is claiming to have graduated from high school and posting pictures of himself in his ceremony; as well as posting "YAAAYY I GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL" and "FCUK YOU". The Picture includes a long haired white teen in a green gown in full stride carrying a diploma as if he was balancing with it. Many MSPaint reproductions of the MonyToen were created which played off of the "I has a shovel" meme and the "I forgot my hat" meme.
Morvabul Flame
Flash animation often reposted in /f/ of a bald naked man rendered in Poser, rising to a backgrond of green arrows, dancing at a sunset, lowering with some pink arrows, and then moving his creepy face towards the camera. Monsquaz has appeared in a variety of other flashes and images. While he is primarily a /f/ meme, he is occasionally reposted in /b/.
Motivational Posters
Posters that contain an image, a title and "inspirational" text underneath. One of the most common memes on 4chan due to its almost infinite range of applications, however the minimal effort required to create an image of this sort means that comparatively few are of any notable quality. Most utilize established memes in the same manner as the "Medieval Macros", except with less creativity since a good Medieval Macro requires reworking the meme in Olde English style.
A popular soft drink, back in the day. Some time ago, a /b/tard found an old Moxie ad and used it to crapflood, whereupon another began shopping the picture for various purposes. Moxie appears perennially on /b/. Moxie is not a meme.
An /ic/ meme centering around an anonyfag that types in capslock and gives out the harshest criticism (usually ends up into personal insults). Was given the nickname MR CAPSLOCK. Citizens of /ic/ are somewhat doubtful if MR CAPSLOCK is even the same person in each of his posts.
Dio Brando's other battle cry from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, japanese word which translates to "USELESS". Usually posted in response to jojo related threads or to pictures depicting multiple punchings.
Muddy dicks
Derived from a post on a Naruto forum after a few /b/tards decided to join up. Some members opted to ignore the havoc caused, whereupon another user cried "BUT THERE POSTING MUDDY DICKS". It wasn't mud.
Frequently accompanies posting of the character Fate Testarossa, one of the stars of the magical girl anime Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and its sequel, Nanoha A's. Ironically, the fact that Fate is less than ambiguously lesbian for Nanoha herself both endears her to her fanboys and simultaneously makes the goal of putting one's penis in her impossible. The fact that she isn't real is also an obstacle. Often spun off into MUST PUT INTO.
Must we post EVERY page of EVERY webcomic?
Minor forced meme when webcomics are posted. Webcomics are despised, notably Megatokyo, and inevitably collaspe into flame wars, especially those featuring an anime art style. Often countered by flames accusing posters of being selfhating Japanophiles. (See JAPAN IS SUPERIOR)
MySQL Connection Failure
An annoying event involving some of 4chan's software that occassionally prevents replying to posts. In an earlier incarnation of 4chan, MySQL connection failures also prevented the viewing of threads. At one point, it was so prevalent that one of 4chan's title banners references the phenomenon. The MySQL Connection Error banner is still in the rotation, though the problem is neither as common nor as long-lasting as it used to be. On 9/3/05, the problem came back with a vengeance but has since subsided. Current failures usually involve missing HTML tags, though this has diminished significantly since the server upgrade was completed. Struck again right before 6 MIL Get, annoying everyone.


Natsuki Orsiko
The National Clone Detection Agency. They are the group dedicated to detecting and eliminating clones. The clone is identifiable by it's lack of any discernable nipples. Remember: Nipples = Original and No Nipples = Clone. Know the difference, it could save your life.
A crudely drawn cartoon of a black man with a pained expression ejaculating in a white woman's face; in the usual fashion, the man is often photoshopped into opportune locations. Never caught on as much as some other memes. Original negers made by _bnu.
Laughably bad attempt at a forced meme.
Nice try doppleganger. Save it for queen Dopplepopolis
A quote from the TV series Sealab 2021 by Captain Murphy was started by namefag Black_Knight in /b/, as a counter to DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS refering to the post and using the phrase "Nice try doppleganger. Save it for queen Dopplepopolis" This backfired as other users used the phrase as well and it spread to other users and several photoshops of an image being mirrored to face itself with marco next. Because of /b/'s forced Anonymous status, it has not been seen.
A reference to the infamous underground "Tokyo Breakfast" comedy sketch. Google for it, but don't watch it at work or in front of kids.
Nigga Please
meme involving photoshopping just about anyone saying said meme. Notable pictures include the Pope and cute anime girls. The meme probably originates from a skit on The Chris Rock Show featuring an advertisement for "Nigga Please" cereal where the phrase is repeated multiple times with a funny tone of voice.
Nigger Jesus Ban
A meme in refrence to a flame war on "Biblocality", a christian forum board. One 4chan user was perma-banned and given the reason: "Called Jesus A Nigger"
No More *
No nips or vag00 = worksafe.
The debatable claim that any picture that doesn't show nipples or vagina is worksafe. It is often used to justify posting mild /e/ material or "cheesecake" photos (in which the woman is at least partially nude but has her breasts and pussy covered by non-clothing items) on worksafe boards. While technically a penis would fall under the "no nips or vag00" category, it is normally used only in reference to pictures of females.
No other manga, and maybe no other book, on the bookshelf will leave you thinking like Fullmetal Alchemist
A sentence taken from Anime News Network's review of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga. (The incorrect comma use is actually part of the review.) A fairly common remark on /a/ when discussing the series itself or general ANN faggotry. Another common variation is "No other anime, and maybe no other television show, on the boob tube will leave you (thinking, fapping, wanting to kill yourself, ect) like (insert anime here.)"
Not Enough Nerve Endings
November 16, 2006. In >>15827097, a Borat imagemacro saying "GREAT SUCCESS!" was posted, predicting that ">>15829229 WILL BRING UPON THE END OF THE WORLD AND /b/ THE GREATEST GET EVER!!!!!!!!!" /b/ was temporarily excited about this new arbitrary GET and speculated what it might be. Soon enough, >>15829229 turned out to be a post simply saying "not enough nerve endings," in response to a girl (?) who said "I'd trade my vagina for a PENIS anyday" in a thread about gender swapping. /b/ was ambivalent about whether this constituted a satisfactory GET. [[6]]
not news, needs pruning
A common response in /n/ to posts that either contain no actual news story, or contain one that's considered less than newsworthy. Typically includes a "sage".


Oh ho, why not whore ourselves?
From the movie trailer cliche of cutting away just before someone finishes saying "Oh shit", usually to a scene of something blowing up. Always used sarcastically. Often seen with the phrases "I BROKE 4chan" with an accompanying screenshot of MySQL failure, "I LEFT 4chan ON AT HOME" in an image macro of a young boy with a scared expression, or "I DIVIDED BY ZERO" in an image featuring a 3D rendering of a black hole.
What happens to you when you let your guard down playing a Korean at Starcraft. Has a moderate following. Sometimes followed by "KEKEKE"(Korean for lol)
Ondore's Lies
Looks innocent enough, doesn't she? Don't be fooled.
Onpu is a whore
Seen on /a/ and /c/ in threads featuring the character Onpu Segawa, from the anime Ojamajo Doremi. Despite the show's utterly innocent magical-girl nature, the insinuation is that Onpu is a whore because she is a child model and pop singer despite still being in elementary school, as well as her flirtatious nature around the boys in the series and the fact that in a series filled with big-googly-eyed girls, Onpu's are the biggest and googliest of them all. Rarely used in not4chan's /l/ despite frequent posting of her there, perhaps because some /l/ denizens consider a ten year old girl being a whore to be a virtue.

Optimized .gif Dude
Originally just a crudely drawn MS Paint stick figure in GIF format, it became a fairly popular meme to edit the "Dude" to resemble other memes such as Happy Negro, WRYYYYYY and basically every other meme on 4chan. Nobody knows how many .gif Dudes exist out there.
Uttured by Jotaro Kujo's Stand Star Platinum from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure as it does battle. Unlike the similar MUDA MUDA MUDA, ORA does not translate, as it is not a word. Usually posted in response to jojo related threads or to pictures depicting multiple punchings.
Orange Penis
concept art posted to /ic
Final Version by Sketchychan
Otome, Nina, Arika, Pineapple, Buttduster
An anonymous in /a demanded that Nina and Arika of My Otome be humiliated in a very specific way for the low quality of their respective anime. Arika was to have a feather duster shoved up her ass and be attempting to stick a pineapple up Nina's pussy. /a members spammed various boards with badly drawn art and demands for "otome butt duster" to get someone to draw it for them and Sketchychan from /ic eventually did so, getting banned for a day for posting the results on /a/ and becoming An Hero(ine) to /a/ in the process.

/a's finest moment.



Party Hard
Pedobear/Pedo Bear
Pee Fight
People die if they are killed
Picture Related
Pip Pip
A British term. The iichan oekaki board spawned something of a mascot character: a dog with a top hat, monocle, and a cane, who was saying "Pip pip". Often found with a funny mustache, and badly edited onto different images.
Pizza Butt
Nickname for the Code Geass character C.C., a girl frequently seen eating Pizza Hut pizza and wearing a skin-tight Spandex costume that nearly shows the crack of her ass. The joke is that constantly eating pizza supposedly gives her a big butt. See also: Pizza Hut anime.
Pizza Hut anime, the
Nickname of the anime Code Geass which is known to have subliminal Pizza Hut advertisements in random scenes.
On 11 May some polish fag set up a thread 'this is Poland thread. Never 4get it.' Polish people caught up the idea quickly and began to write in their moonspeak about things you will never be able to know about without knowledge of this crazy language. Thread was up for hours, since no one sleeps in Poland.
Pool Dyke
An unpopular forced meme of what might be a woman playing pool. Confirmed to be a (lesbian) woman named Paula Metz on myspace.
Pool's Closed
Pork Slope
A nonsense forced meme created by the tripfag Sempai's Pleasurous Nutrients, consisting of a pig inside a right triangle. Rarely seen meme, created one night for no apparent reason, as it applies to nothing other then Pork Slope. Other incarnations include a pork delivery truck driving up a snow covered mountain slope. Usually seen in text form as a response to junk threads or to simply post in legendary threads.
Legendary saint of /c/. pupu never posts with a tripcode, and every thread posted is filled without exception with exceptionally beautiful, high-resolution art of cute anime girls, often culled from 2chan. It is unknown whether pupu is male or female, or even if pupu is one person or a group of people, as pupu never posts a word in any thread, and responds to requests for sources only with the url needed to fulfill the request. Worshipped with nearly god-like status on /c/ and /e/.
A /o/ meme that was started due to a eurofag Anonymous in a thread about Corvettes. The original poster said "Why do you Americans like to use outdated technology?", then the eurofag Anonymous mentioned above posted "pushrods, pushrods, lol". It once rivaled hoodpins as /o/'s most posted meme, and likewise was often combined with the hoodpins meme in the form of "hoodrods, pushpins, lol", or photoshopping the VTEC logo on an overhead valve engine.
Push Button Receive Bacon
Pyramid Head
Name of the appropriately named monsterfucker from Silent Hill 2, has a wide fanbase on /b/. As of the release of the Silent Hill movie, GIFs have spread their way around 4chan, showing the popular monster's antics in the movie. Ususally seen in images associated with RAPE. Also shopped as "Pussy Head". Hailed as a God of Rape.




4chan's stock in trade. The average 4channer hates all races, including his own. However the most common targets of Anonymous's ire are blacks, Arabs, and (paradoxically given Anon's weeabooness) Asians.
Radio Free 4chan
One day W.T. Snacks stickied a thread about his podcasting show, Midnight Snacks, which was featuring moderator "5" at the day. It was apparently un-stickied by moot, only to be stickied again by Snacks, or possibly 5. At /b/, all of this led to many calls of "BRING BACK SNACKS", and rumors of mod wars circulated. Snacks and 5 responded to this by calling the show "Radio Free 4chan" for the night, in a revolutionary/underground/subversive manner. Episode may have caused 5 to lose his moderator powers, that is, if he has ever had any. IT'S ALL VERY UNCERTAIN.
Rain Silves
The creation of an artist called Tracy Mick (NOT from any anime). Due to being a freakish furry with a prehensile vaginal covering, she has become synonymous with rape, known to be mentioned along with or seen with Pyramid Head. See Pyramid Head. One Half of the "Rape Machine" which is a mixing of Pyramid-head and Rain
Think of it as surprise sex. Also, it is like saying hello in Japan.
Raptor Jesus
Relevant to my interests
Used on /u/ to describe any thread featuring characters from the anime Maria-sama Ga Miteru or "Marimite". Since the Marimite girls are often posted in non-sexual or non-romantic pictures, which is technically off-topic, the pictures can be explained away by the poster or respondants as "this is relevant to my interests"; this is because the show itself is so full of lesbian undertones that just posting pictures of the girls automatically makes the thread lesbian, even if the girls are not even looking at each other. Occasionally used to describe threads from other animes with yuri undertones such as My HiME and Kannazuki no Miko. It has since become a common reply on all boards to pics (especially if tits are shown) that Anonymous approves of.
Remember Remember the cocks of November
The text included with the 6666666GET. This was in reference to the poem about Guy Fawkes which was featured prominently in the V for Vendetta comic and film.
Remember when /b/ was good?
/b/ was never good.

Rena Ryuuguu
Rest in peace, old friend...
The only text that accompanies a picture of a celebrity with an image macro stating their birth and death years. A majority of these are fake and result in people fighting over the status of the celebrity. Also seen frequently as "Goodnight, sweet prince."
Derogatory term for the owner of an excessively modified stock car for street racing purposes, usually a car of Asian manufacture.
A picture of an unknown man riding a sign in a graveyard. His photo was posted on /b/, and he was subsequently photoshopped into riding various objects, including himself.
Unofficial mascot of /w/, whose mediocre photoshopping powers are to be feared internationally. Originally from the Sister Princess series of games and anime.
Rita Hanson
Rita was once a semi-popular camwhore who posted her images on /b/, mainly of her feet in the early stages. She has her own Deviant Art page, LiveJournal, and her own profile. Rita occasionally browses /b/, but it seems she has put her camwhoring to rest. Rita is 16 years old, a keen Christian, likes rave music, and wears a lot of plastic bracelets which she refers to as kandie.
An attempt at starting a catchphrase by an Anonymous poster. The phrase is posted in threads of almost all recognizable instances of art by Poyoyon Rock, an artist most well-known for his work in Popotan and Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte. Nobody seems to know exactly why he has to be stopped, though.
Rotating Title Banners
300 pixel by 100 pixel images displayed at the top of each 4chan page. A large number of these banners have been made, often referencing popular memes. A script is used to periodically rotate from one randomly-chosen banner to the next.
Rules 1 and 2
Rule 34
Rule 35
Rule 41
Rules of the Internet
Ryusei Date


An image of Sakura Kinomoto of CardCaptors fame with a mocking expression, 'shopped to say "Your dick is tiny" or "I laugh at your dick!". Often image-replied to pictures of men with small penises in /b/. Sakura also frequents /b/, with her friends Tomoyo, Mint, Yuki, and Pedobear. SAKURA IS A GOOD GIRL (at making Anonymous horny.)
Same person
The noise made during female masturbation, the feminine equivalent of "fap". "Schlick Schlick". Popularized on the webcomic Also "scrunch scrunch" or "squish squish". Try it today!
Screw the rules, I have green hair!
Phrase posted with or in response to a picture of someone with green hair. Seen most often on /a/, but has been known to leak out to other boards. Taken from the popular Youtube series "Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged." See also: Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged
Seaking (FUCK YEAH!)
Secure tripcodes are for jerks!
Secure tripcodes are for jerks. A secure tripcode is created by using two #'s instead of one. As only someone intensely concerned with protecting their identity (a foolish notion on 4chan) would use one, secure tripfags are mocked even more intensely than ordinary tripfags.
Seizure 5
Seizure 5 was a GIF file of a number 5 that. of done in succession, would induce a seizure. Was posted alongside pictures of Sage and Hard Gay on August 12th, 2005 as a part of "Saturgay".
/b/'s new favorite blue-haired girl, the protagonist of a Christian-themed "Amerimanga". The anti-sex plot of the manga combined with Serenity's bad-girl attitude and stunning good looks made her an easy target for lewd Photoshops and original porn, which /b/ did not fail to deliver on. The scientific term for Serenity porn is "serenity porns".
Shiny Pidgey
A rare variation of the flying Pokemon, Pidgey. Unlike normal Pokemon, the "shiny" variety have a 1/8192 chance to appear in the games. The shiny Pidgey was used in a copypasta where an unfortunate man has his Nintendo DS thrown against the wall by his girlfriend when he encountered said Pokemon. With his DS broken (this causes some speculation towards the truth of the story, as Nintendo products can normally endure much worse abuse and still be functional), he was unable to catch the shiny Pidgey, becomes enraged and hits his girlfriend by "accident", which causes her to leave him. This copypasta usually becomes an issue of debate because some /b/tards argue that the loss of a shiny Pokemon is a greater loss than losing a girlfriend.
Shit Sucks
Generic reply to any post about a shitty subject. Sometimes repeated as "Shit Sucks, Shit Sucks". Evolved into "shit sux."
Natsuki (left) and Shizuru (right): /u/ know what to do.
Shorthand for the yuri coupling of Shizuru Fujino and Natsuki Kuga, two of the heroines of the animes My HiME/Otome and the closest thing to an actual canon lesbian couple in the show. Reposted on /u/ in greater numbers than any other couple, yet detested by many users who either harbor a personal dislike for Shizuru due to her being an "insane homicidal molestor dyke" or think Natsuki should be with another girl such as Nao or Mai. It invites further scorn due to the fact that in the middle of the already ugly situation in the gigantic orgy of formulaic, lousy writing and circle-jerk softball reviewing that is, the HiME section is approximately 99.5% the same contrived, corny and insipid Shiznat fanfiction written by obsessed 16 year old fangirls trying to convince themselves they're gay. While Shiznat is ambiguous and fan conjecture in HiME (Natsuki tells Shizuru directly she doesn't feel the same way Shizuru does and looks frequently disturbed or even terrified by Shizuru's advances), in Otome it's pretty much a given they're a lesbian couple considering they sleep in the same bed, spend nearly every waking moment around each other and are clearly on a touchy-feely level of relationship (although Natsuki has her moments with Nao and Mai as well, and Shizuru gets quite 'familiar' with Tomoe).
Expression of agreement with the post being replied to, often seen in /b/ as "FUCKING SIGNED". Basically a way of saying "me too" without looking like an AOL-using Internet newbie.
Simple lever
Forced meme that swept /b/, consisting of a picture with the accompanying text "Look I created a simple lever!"
Singing Shark, The
A 4 panel comic about a shark that... well, sings. The dialogue, in it's entirety, is: "i'm a shark!!!/i'm a SHAAAARK!/suck my diiiiick!/I'M A SHAAARK!!" No one knows its origin but its nonsensicle nature makes it amusing, nonetheless. [the origin for the Singing Shark was the Webcomics subforum of the Hockey Zombie comic.]
A legendary Flash occasionally reposted to /f/ featuring a bouncy, catchy pop song sung by a bunch of cute, energetic sounding Japanese girls. The hook is that the lyrics are raunchy enough to make 50 Cent do a double take--the girls spend the whole song singing about how, in the words of a Japanese-speaking Anonymous, "they want their big brother to f**k them in every possible way." Given the number of references to male and female genitalia and sexual acts, squeals of passion and pleasure, and repeated cries of "Kimochiii!" (That feels good!) and "Onii-chan, Icchau!" (Big Brother, I'm coming!) heard during the song (the lyrics appear onscreen in Japanese as the words are sung), this appears to be an accurate assessment of the song's lyrical content.
The girls spend the first verse trying to entice their brother into bed, the first chorus is about giving blowjobs and swallowing semen; in the second verse and chorus, the girls sing about how much they love cock and giving titfucks; the girls give a play-by-play of the actual sex act during the breakdown rap, and conclude with the final chorus, in which they sing about orgasms and anal sex. The breakdown rap can automatically be skipped to any time before it plays by clicking on the picture of the girls in the background.
Sispuri.swf is sometimes referred to as "The 'Double Princess' of /f/", because despite repeated pleas for a full English translation of the lyrics and known websites at which the complete lyrics are available in Japanese, no one has stepped forwards to attempt it, and some Japanese-speaking posters have flat-out refused to translate it just to piss Anonymous off.
Sky's the limit
Smiling Man
Smugfag refers to himself as MrThreePercent and is extremely proud about his mere 3% body fat and how popular and famous he is on YouTube. His YouTube videos are devoted entirely to how fantastic his body is and how he wins internets for supposedly owning a forum on and, according to him, Anonymous. One Anonymous thinks otherwise. Smugfag just says Anonymous is a stupid kid and brags about banging chicks who saw his YouTube videos. He also says he doesn't care what people say in comments to him, and yet he disables comments anyway.
Snakes on a Plane
From the pending Samuel L. Jackson movie of the same name, which came out in August 2006. Spawned the catchphrase "WE GOT SNAKES ON A MOTHERFUCKING PLANE," from a faux movie poster created using MS Paint. This was widespread enough that a line based on it, "I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!", was actually used by Jackson's character in the film. Popular variations include, but are by no means limited to, "Snape on a Plane," "Snacks on a Plane," and "Snake's on a Plane.", referring to the hero of Metal Gear Solid, Solid Snake.
Snape Kills Dumbledore
Harry Potter spoilers flooded /b/ before the release of the sixth book. One topic about it got stickied, with an sound clip from the audio version of the book where Harry tells Hagrid the news, which played every time you refreshed /b/.
A user on DeviantArt. Not really a target of spamming by /b/, but more a source of ridicule for a small group of /b/tards, as she is pretty much the ultimate obnoxious weeaboo "artist". She has an obsession with Severus Snape (he killed Dumbledore and is the Half Blood Prince), Nagas (snake people) and male pregnancy. She also thinks she is absolutely fantastic as an artist, having decided not to go to art college as she thought she was too good for it, and also refuses to take negative critique on her "deviations", having actually disabled that function. Unfortunately, seeing that all she can really draw is anime-based stuff lacking noses, she soon found out her art wasn't as good as she though after it was ripped to pieces on a professional artist forum. She tried in vain to defend her pieces of art, but ended up basically telling the artists "no, you are wrong, my art IS good". Not such a good idea on a forum where realistic art is the main subject.
On August 9 2006, a supposed anonymous hacker managed to hack her account and replace her journal with images of tubgirl and "I AM AN EMO FAGGOT" written hundreds of times, replace her password and also ban her from the site. The results were posted on /b/. It eventually turned out he did not hack her account at all, but managed to presuade her to change her password to a certain number combination, apparently to prevent "MySQL Injection" attacks from /b/tards. Which was pretty fucking stupid of her.
So i herd u liek mudkips
Originally a DeviantArt comment inviting someone to join a Pokemon usergroup, introduced to /b/ with a flurry of Mudkip images. Used freely as "so i herd u like *". [7]
Something Awful
Source is 4chan. Every day is Repost Day.
Soviet Russia
Soviet Sunday

Forced meme by the mods. Communist march music often plays in the background, and a soviet-related topic is stickied. The theme of the futaba script is also sometimes changed from pale yellow to crimson red.

Space AIDS
A meme started on December 12th, 2006. The original thread started with a picture of the character Leonidus from the motion picture Frank Miller's 300, caught in a shouting pose. An anonymous poster then created a template of the image and placed it over a set of Italian landscape photographs that were being used in the attempted forced meme "Osaka is Italian". From there, the template was used in a photoshop frenzy that resulted in hundreds of Sparta-based shops within a matter of hours. Last but not least, the Sparta craze ended (almost) after this movie was created. [8]
Speedycat originated from the #4chan chatroom from "Speedchat" or "Speedychat", a term used to describe excess spamming in the chatroom, or people generally typing too fast at the same time, and the badly sung song "Speedycat" from the beatmaniaIIDX series which happens to be entirely in Engrish. From this, an idea to draw a new cat meme for 4chan was put forward. One member decided to take this idea further and created a short looping flash animation involving a bright yellow cat flying across the night sky with the song "Speedycat" playing in the background. Upon clicking the moon the cat would hit "Warp Speed" in which the cat would be seen flying through bright flashing lights to a sped up version of "Speedycat".
Spicy Hot Loligasms
Unknown first appearance on 4chan. Made popular by an animated gif of 4 loli cheerleaders with pompoms with this text. One source states that this is from Habanero-tan's comic where she rubs her nether regions with some habanero powder and collapses. Very frequent comment on pictures of the two main females from the magical girl series "Pretty Cure". On a side note: "Loligasms" is sometimes interchanged with "Bukigasms". Buki Buki himself is known for posting high quality images of mostly loli content on 4chan... and never using a tripcode. Some of his posts include exclamations such as "hot" so it's possible that his comments and his love of lolis were the inspiration for this meme.
4chan has inspired a number of spinoffs from its members and viewers. It should be noted that 4chan was inspired by Futaba Channel aka 2chan, the massive Japanese imageboard and affiliate of the even bigger 2ch BBS.
Stealth Bumping
Posting a reply to a thread in order to bump it to the top of the board, then immediately deleting the reply. This allows a thread to be bumped more times than would normally be possible, as the deleted reply is no longer counted toward its "age" limit.
Steve Irwin
Stick it in her pooper
Something mods and admins can do to a post that makes the post stay at the top of a given board and prevents it from expiring. A stickied post can be identified by the small blue tack next to the normal header. On most boards, posts get stickied because they are particularly interesting or relevant, or just as the mods' ephemeral whims see fit.
Stoop Kid
Stoop Kid is a character from the first season of the Nick series Hey Arnold who appears in only one episode. Made famous as a kid who lives on a stoop and shouts at people walking by for looking at his stoop, touching his stoop, or going near his stoop. Eventually he is teased by the other kids when they find out he's afraid to leave his stoop. The rest of the episode consists of the main character, Arnold, helping stoop kid leave his stoop for the first time. The meme had a small following for a short time on /b/, but it died quickly. Since then it's come back from time to time, sometimes with photoshops changing the chant from said episode "Stoop kid's afraid to leave his stoop!" to "Stoop kid's afraid to shoop his woop." Stoop kid is now a meme is now a meme is now a meme.
Sup, /*/
If anonymous wants to show off something they own, they will typically include a piece of paper with the words "Sup, /*/" in order to prove that they didn't just get the picture off the internet.
Super Robot Wars


The Artist Formerly Known As Cracky-Chan. The screen-name used by Cracky-Chan herself when resquesting /cracky/ be taken down on 420.
See 'Zelda CD-i'.
Internet nickname for Asuka, from Neon Genesis Evangelion. It originates from her bright orange hair.
TCC-tan (AKA TCC-chan)
A drawing of a skinny scantly dressed pothead girl with dark green hair, a giant bong on her back, a utilitybelt of drugs, and a happy look on her face. TCC means "The Crackhead Clubhouse" which is part of the Something Awful message forum and TCC-tan was created and posted in the The Crackhead Clubhouse in early 2004 by Vanessie. The image was slightly altered and had the TCC on her shirt removed and Vanessie's name was removed also. TCC-tan was posted repeatedly on 4chan's /b/ by Anonymous in late 2005 advertising a just starting out 4chan like imageboard 420chan. Whenever the altered TCC-tan image was posted on 4chan's /b/ it would go with "Dearest /b/ please visit" and harsh criticism would follow and sometimes posting attacks/floods of pictures, gifs, diaper fetish pictures, stupid sayings, and offensive remarks. But most of the time the floods consisted of child pornography on 420chan which made 420chan's /cp and /pedo boards come to be. In the months that followed the pothead girl was dubbed TCC-chan which is a slight variation of her original name TCC-tan but everybody in /b/ calls everyone and everything a "chan" even though "chan" means a male and "tan" means a female. Eventually TCC-tan became 420chan's adopted mascot and had many fans and fan art drawn by people from 4chan and 420chan and now whenever TCC-tan is posted on 4chan's /b/, it either goes with "Dearest /b/ please visit", CP FLOOD ON 420CHAN, talk about getting some flapjacks AKA pancakes (TCC-tan's favorite food), or TCC-tan fan art.
Take It Slave
meme that originated in late 2004 as a photoshop of one of the 2chan characters with the text "TAKE IT SLAVE" written in the Halo font. The character's face was then photoshopped onto any image present on /b/, from previous memes or attempted memes (Reidick and Milhouse are two examples) to a photo of a young adult grimacing while taking a photo of himself in the mirror. This re-emerged a few times more a couple of weeks later, a resurgence caused by obnoxious /b/tards, before going underground.
A Wrestler formerly with the World Wide Wrestling. Sometimes a post randomly occurs on many futaba style boards where the message body contains only the word "test". This is usually caused by a new user trying to understand how the board software works. The same is sometimes used by experienced users to convey general dissatisfaction to a thread, often with a disparaging image macro.
Tehy yay leavin' fo San Fierro Rite?
Quoted from the game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas". Created by tripfag Sempai's Pleasurous Nutrients because he "Hated old people." Text accompanies jpegs of old people using phones. The original held the additional caption "Ever notice that no matter how much old people talk on their portable phones, you can never understand what they are saying?" A spin off of the Bix Nood meme.
Whenever artwork of Fuu from Samurai Champloo or Winry from FMA drawn by American H-Artist Prophet was uploaded, this phrase was used because of the way he drew their teeth. Sometimes phrased as TEEEEEEEETH.

That's a man baby!
Image macro responding to threads featuring cross-dressing males, in reference to two scenes from the first Austin Powers movie in which Austin attempts to remove the mask from a male henchman masquerading as a woman, succeeding in the first one but failing spectacularly in the second when it becomes evident his victim actually is a woman. Since the ban on image macros was instituted, it has been supplanted by the more established and recognized "It's a trap" meme. Still somewhat popular on 6chan.
Theme Days
There are no girls on the intarbutt
meme based on the old assumption that no females go online, or that anyone claiming to be female is actually a man.
This Chair
This picture is shopped, I can tell from some of the pixels and from having seen quite a few shops in my life.
This thread delivers
Indicates that a thread is of high quality. A popular image macro is of a Dominos Pizza delivery guy. Often used sarcastically, in which case there is a related image macro of a UPS delivery truck crashing into a house.
Thread hijack
The act of taking over a thread by posting images unrelated (or sometimes barely related) to the original subject. Usually done when somebody thinks that a thread sucks.
Comment from an Anonymous poster in /p/ about the Lockheed F-22 Raptor fighter plane. The comment refers to the plane being able to change the direction of its exhaust for more maneuverability.
Late May-early June 2006, the /gif/ board was flooded with gifs of gay sex and pump fetish at a near constant rate. Accompanying the images, among other things, were replies of "GAY IT UP WITH TIGERPUMPAGE" over and over. This continued for over a week with no help from the mods. Saturday, June 3rd finally saw the end of it when trip user Sempai's Pleasurous Nutrients started a Party Hard counter-flood to assist the failing Counterflood Alliance. The Party Hard's stopped when SPN "HAD TO GO FRY PORKCHOPS", but Party Hard gifs already posted continued to be commented on to out-bump TigerPumpage. At this moment TigerPumpage has disappeared, it is unknown if it will return.
A request for a BitTorrent seed of the material in question. Often sarcastic. Often prefaced with "ZOMG"
"One day,Toshiaki in Toyama uploaded with this message, 'I am in Toyama but we can use broadband. The picture is not broken.' (Perhaps,he said from his complex.) ... But the picture was broken like this." Thus on 2chan, broken / partially-uploaded images are often called Toyama. "Naro" (narrow) and "KonNARO" (pun on konoyaro) is often also seen on 2chan, but not 4chan.
Tom Green
Washed out b-list celebrity who now hosts an internet show. Because of the uncencored call-in availability, /b/-tards have been known to call-in en mass and use frequent catchphrases or tell longwinded stories which then get Bel-Aired (consequently improving his show several orders of magnitude). Followed by the show Girl Talk in which 4 early-twenties girls answer a central ringing phone, and are usually rewarded with trolling. Proved to be quite popular pastime and likly to be continued until Tom gets wise and redoes his phone network.
A picture of a cat seemingly towering over the person who took the picture, due to the camera angle. Towercat was 5 millionth post in /b/, and was immediately suggested to be either a rival or an ally of the more famous Longcat.
Trail Snake Survival Kit
Tree Dog
/x/'s first meme. Tree dogs are ferocious creatures that look just like a dog but is more viscious and more able to climb trees.
A picture of a man with a Triangle shopped over his head that somehow refers to the man being a rapist that nobody understands.
Tripcode Fag or Tripfag
Troll Rating
A rating, in "x/10" format, of a troll post's creativity and effectiveness. 10/10 would imply a truly epic troll, while 0/10 is used for truly pathetic attempts where the troll is barely even trying. 1/10 through 9/10 of course cover all trolls in between.
'Twas the night before christmas


Self-explanatory meme. Sometimes rendered as U FAIL IT or YOU FAIL IT. From Engrish in the Neo-Geo game "Blazing Star", where the whole phrase was "You fail it! Your skill is not enough, see you next time, bye-bye!"
Was quite popular in 2005 (though it may have been only one person trying to force it through the entire year); was usually added to the end of sex-related posts, more often than not in FULL CAPS.
Underwater Ray Romano
UNITTINU see Mirror Image
Unlimited [Insert] Works
Unlimited Essay Works
Usako Man
The bane of 4chan. Also known as "Usako Man Z" & "Usucko" His art is posted on /b/, /co/, /v/ and at one time /h/. An even worse version of Andy. Terror,disgust, "WTF is this shit?!" and "Fuck you Internet, fuck you" is the response from Anonymous whenever they see Usako. His doujins usually involve him being "raped" by the female video game characters and occasionally giving April o'Neil some anal action, much to the dismay of /co/. The real kicker to this is that he's married IRL to a "better" artist named Kitty.
USA won FIFA! (Get over it!)
A new meme for a new board. /sp/ by its nature is the natural battleground between Eurofags and Amerifags. This fight is most often illustrated by the Football (Soccer) vs [Insert American Sport Here]. With bitching between Eurofags and Amerifags usually resulting in Eurofags saying "Noone else plays your sports!" followed by Amerifags saying "Who'd want to be good at your poor people's/faggy sport?!" Amerifags, having seen team USA lose to both Spain and England badly at soccer, then were given the greatest gift of all. They tied 0-0 with FIFA Ranked #1 team Argentina. Afterwards, all Amerifags trolls on /sp/ christened soccer 'Ameriball' (sic) and declared that the USA had 'WON FIFA!'. Failing to realise that a tie does not equal a win in soccer or that Argentina were not the official world champions (Italy). When Eurofags attempted to explain/bawww at the Amerifags about them having not won anything the meme took hold and has been repeated ad infinitum ever since. Especially with threads about the European Championships 2008 dominating the board over the summer. USA Won FIFA is the rallying cry for all Amerifags on /sp/, it is doubtful that it will spread to other boards.


Vanessa Hudgens
Star of Disney's inexplicably popular "High School Musical" movie series. Became an /s/ meme when she decided to show her tits rather than GTFO, and the pics ended up on the Internets. For a few days, every other post in /s/ seemed to either contain the pics or a request for them. Vanessa Hudgens also seems to have become /s/'s Battletoads: a stock reply to any request for an unknown model's name.
Forced meme started on /b/ with multiple pictures of Peter Stormare as "V-Dub" from the recent Volkswagon commercials, followed by the text "V-DUB IS A MEME" posted in mass.
Viral Marketing
VTech Massacre


We Can't Stop Here. This Is Bat Country.
Considered by many to be the funniest post on /b/, ever. The single image macro features two cats in a car, one driving, and the other dressed as Hunter S. Thompson. The phrase comes from Thompson's novel and the movie translation "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".
What a tweest!
A sarcastic remark regarding to any plot with a ridiculous over-the-top plot twist. Originated from script writer M. Night Shyamalan, who is well known for writing "The Sixth Sense".
What is a man?
what happened with Dawn and T.
Was a desperate cry heard from all /b/tards when a user posted erotic fiction but instead of finishing with bel-air stopped half way and watched all of 4chan go insane.
What is Love?
Popular flash parody of the popular SNL parody of A Night at the Roxbury. Involves Will Ferrel, Cris Kattan, and Jim Carrey head-banging in their car to the song 'What is Love' by Haddaway.
From "The Terminator". Usage on /b/ seems to be completely random. /b/tards have created the myth that some obscure word or phrase is wordfiltered into the phrase, but it was just made up to confuse newbies. Usually injected in the middle of a lowercase word, e.g. "I am not a furWHERE IS SARAH CONNOR".
Implies that the something, usually to say an accompanying image or the one being replied to is so horrible that its very existance implies either the non-existence of God or that God has abandoned you (leaving you to the whims of whatever horrible thing is in the picture). Usually seen around "The King" or other creepy things; not as strong as "DO NOT WANT". See "The King".
Where's the funny?
A common response to jokes, webcomics, etc that aren't remotely humorous. Probably derived from the ancient "Where's the beef?" meme, which came from a famous string of Wendy's commercials from the early 1980s.
A phrase once posted Anonymously in response to a photos of a white woman in /s/. It, or variants of it (BLACK WOMAN, etc) is now often used to mock those who complain when an "ugly" non-Asian picture is posted in /s/..
Whoops! Can't show that in a Christian manga!
meme derived from the american-made manga "Serenity". Used in the manga to censor something which, as stated, couldn't be shown in the family-friendly manga. Was shopped over porn, guro, etc.
Why is she such a slut?
Attempt at seeding a new meme. Self-explanatory. Commonly used along with LURK MORE. Not of much currency now that Wikipedia refers all discussion of 4chan memes to this page. Thus, this meme has essentially been absorbed into LURK MORE, though it still sees occassional use to insist that any dubious claim is true because a Wikipedia article says so (usually after vandalizing the article).
The previous location of this list of memes and events. WikiWorld's 4chan page was removed because (according to the site's epic failure of an admin) it's a "family oriented website" and even mentioning subjects like rape and child porn is forbidden. [9] WikiWorld's 4chan page (now blanked) is the only page on their entire site other than the main page that actually generates Google hits, illustrating what an irrelevant failure the rest of the site is.
W.T. Snacks




The Yaranaika faces.

Year of the Trap
Yet Another X Thread
Where X is whatever new anime of the season is making the rounds. /a/ typically adopts one popular show and makes multiple threads of the series. Tends to annoy anyone who dislikes the show, and complain it clutters up the board with no relevant discussion. Shows are usually considered fads if discussion and posting dies off very quickly after a show is over.
Yomi is erotic
Another frequent response to threads about Yomi from Azumanga Daioh, especially in /e/, /h/ and /u/. Occasionally adapted for other characters from the show, such as: Chiyo is cute, Sakaki is sexy, Kaorin is lesbo, etc. See also: Azumanga Daioh.
A spin off of various shops and memes, where instead of the typical text, it is edited as "YOU BETTER BRING YO NIKEZ". This originated from a photoshop of OVER NINE THOUSAND where Vegeta says fore-mentioned text.
You have destroyed most of a small galaxy. Please pick your words with greater care.
Very self-explanatory. Almost always capitalized. Often accompanied by pics of freaky-looking older men or "The King".
...You Lost Me.
Namefag whose entire purpose in life apparently is to flood /a/ threads with Touhou pictures, even when the thread itself is about something completely different. Loved by Touhou fans, hated by just about everybody else.
Your resistance only makes my penis harder
From the hentai anime Words Worth. Self-explanatory.
The YTMND Homepage
You're The Man Now, Dog. Usually animated gifs on a tiled background with music, usually to point out something stupid. Often accused of steal content from 4chan, the most notable being the "O Rly?" owl, which originated on 4chan. More recently, YTMND has become both the ally and rival of 4chan's Habbo Hotel raiders.


Zabuza Sword Cannot Be Beat
An obscure character from one of the Dragonball Z movies, who for reasons no one except the Anonymous responsible can figure out is frequently posted in /co/. Despite her being distinctly /a/ material, no bans have been forthcoming.
Zelda CD-i
Zero Hour
A sarcastic way of saying "OMG," only not.
A common phrase that came about due to excessive wordfilters, originally typed as "zomg teh rei".