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We can consider Musashi -GUN DOH- one of the worst best crappiest awesomest most annoying bestest stupidiest most good most idiotic most bestest-greatest most legendary animated series ever.

Help prove this by rating it "Masterpiece"!

List of characters

  • Miyamoto Musashi

The hero of this show and he shoots laser beams with a special gun.

  • Rounin

Musashi's buddy.

  • Takuan Oshou

Musashi's master of GUN DOH. He did special dance to save Desperado. cf. The Dancing of the Sage

  • Princess Kaguya

She can beat a crow in the sky.

  • Danjou

A retainer of Kaguya.

  • Ninja Tarou

He claims to be the No. 1 henchman of Musashi.

  • Princess Yume

The damsel in distress of this show, I think so.

  • The Horse

One of the most popular characters of the show.

  • Desperado

She is from a foreign country and stalks Musashi for some reason.

  • Dabinoji

"My name is Dabinoji. Karakuri master." [1]

  • Sarutobi Sasuke

"And he is Sarutobi Sasuke, okay?"

  • Kobayakawa Hideaki

He is not Kaiji. Wikipedia article

  • Ryougen

Former Tokugawa Ieyasu.

  • Tokugawa Hidetada

Wikipedia The third son of Ieyasu.

  • Sanada Yukimura

Wikipedia article

  • Miyoshi Seikai Nyuudou

Sanada Ten Braves

  • Kirigakure Saizou

Sanada Ten Braves

  • Nezu Jinpachi

Sanada Ten Braves

  • Yasha

The boss of monsters(ayakashi).

  • Ayakashi Joou Gumo

Ayakashi spider.

  • Jijouda

A flying ayakashi.

Opening Theme

  • Description:

ULTRA BRAiN vs. Monkey Punch vs. DJ Kentaro. Three of the most energetic Japanese names in the world turntablists/electronic music scene combine to release an amazing new single and theme song to Monkey Punch's new anime "Musashi." Remix by DJ Kentaro.

  • Critique

The Opening Theme to Musashi -GUN DOH- is the brilliant masterpiece of a song known as "Ghost Busterz" by the Japanese/American band Ultra Brain. Through its fascinating lyrics and unusually intelligent display of musicianship, "Ghost Busterz" brilliantly prepares the viewers for the animated masterpiece they are about to witness. Some believe the song to be a reflection on modern society and a critique on America's dependance on foreign Oil. Deep, though Ultra Brain aren't known for shying away from politics.

A GHOST BUSTERZ - MUSASHI REMIX album has been available in Japan since July 19th 2006. Be sure to buy it Musashi heads!

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